A View From The Enemy: Perth Glory fan on Ryan Giggs, Man United in Aus & A-League growth

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Manchester United’s tour finally gets underway tomorrow, as the Red Devils take on Perth Glory in Australia.

Ahead of the big game, we continue with our ‘A View From The Enemy’ series, by speaking to Perth Glory fan channel, The Far Post Perth.

Amongst the topic of discussion was just how far the A-League has come over the last decade, a prime Ryan Giggs playing for The Glory and the boost Australian football gets when elite European sides like Manchester United come to town…

Anyway, let’s crack on with the interview, so enjoy!

Jordan @ Old Trafford Faithful: First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself, the fan channel and Perth Glory in general?

Blayne @ The Far Post Perth: I went to my first Perth Glory match in 1997 we set up The Far Post Perth in 2016 as a football fan channel and podcast on all things Perth Glory and Western Australian football as we felt there was a real void in football news coming out of Perth and the West Coast. 

Jordan @ OTF: I must say, commiserations on finishing as A-League runners-up despite topping the table, but how excited are you to have Manchester United taking on your beloved Perth Glory this summer?

Blayne @ TFPP: Yeah, it’s exciting times at Perth at the moment, even though they fell just short in the final, to win the league and qualify for the Asian Champions League is fantastic especially after 15 lean years without a trophy.

To have any big European club is great for the game here, especially a club of Manchester United’s stature. The traditionally non or anti-football media have no choice but to cover it as it demands public attention!

Jordan @ OTF: It’s a bit of an odd question, but what gets fans more excited? A domestic league A-League game or a friendly against the Red Devils?

Blayne @ TFPP: Depends on who you ask I guess, there is a large cross-over of fans that support both Perth and Man United for them it would be heaven. Others would see it as just an exhibition match but strong ticket sales and hype would suggest many fans are very excited to see the Red Devils in Perth.

Jordan @ OTF: Do you follow much Premier League football yourself? Who do you support/lookout for (be honest, we won’t bite!)?

Blayne @ TFFP: Many fans in Australia follow their local side as well as a European side. Myself, As well as a proud Perth fan, I’m a Leeds fan so I’m going to be supporting the Whites next week.

Jordan @ OTF: Ouch, talk about a hammer blow! Jokes aside, just how far has the A-League grown and improved over the last decade?

Blayne @ TFFP: Although the league has grown over the past ten years, it still has a long away to go. Exciting developments are on the horizon with the A-League going fully independent of the FA. (Similar to the EPL) Also, the introduction of new clubs over the next 2 seasons is sure the garner more interest.

Jordan @ OTF: Sounds exciting! For those fans (like myself) who haven’t watched Perth Glory very often (if at all), who are the stand out players? Do any of these guys have the chance to make it in Europe, or the Premier League?

Blayne @ TFFP: Yeah, we have a couple of very handy players, Irish International Andy Keogh (Ex Wolves and Leeds) Spaniard Diego Castro (Getafe, Malaga) and we’ve had ex EPL players Robbie Fowler, Andy Todd and Jacob Burns.

A young player to watch out for is Aussie International Chris Ikonomidis who came through the Lazio academy.

Jordan @ OTF: Great, I’ll keep an eye out. If there is one player at United you’d love to see play for Perth, with no restrictions at all, who would you go for?

Blayne @ TFFP: I’d have to go for Ryan Giggs in his prime…

Jordan @ OTF: A wise choice indeed. Finally, give us a score prediction for the big game? (although I know it’s hard as we could see some much-changed line-ups)?

Blayne @ TFFP: I’m hoping Perth can give a good account of themselves, it will be a very young inexperienced side, but a couple of goals for the home crowd would do the club wonders on such a big stage. I’ll say 4-2 to United.

Jordan @ OTF: We’ll go for 3-1 United. Thanks again Blayne, and good luck next season!

If you’re looking to learn more about Perth, why not check out The Far Post Perth’s podcast here.

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