Alexis Sanchez handed jail sentence but he will not serve time

Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez has been handed a jail sentence, but the Chile international will not serve time in prison, BT Sport reports.

The 29-year-old had been handed a 16-month sentence, but due to terms in Spain regarding first-time offenders, the United #7 won’t be heading behind bars.

Apparently, Sanchez hid income in regards to his image rights between 2012-13, and the Spanish judicial system says that he defrauded them of around £886,000 which is obviously a huge figure.

Now Sanchez will pay back that figure plus interest, as well as paying a hefty fine too. No doubt the former FC Barcelona star won’t be the last to be chased up by Spain authorities as it seems to be trending at the moment, but I’ll never understand why sports stars who earn so much try to avoid paying their way.

If it comes out (which has happened in this case), all it does it make you look bad and takes your mind off more pressing matters – like performing for your club.

When there is this much money being earned, it was always highly unlikely that such a high profile figure would actually serve time which is lucky from our point of view. I just hope this doesn’t hurt him on the football field and he can put it behind him quickly.

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