David Moyes set to swoop for Spurs pair

The Manchester United manager is set for a huge transfer window come the summer, and the rumours are coming thick and fast already. According to Caught Offside, Moyes is set for a double-raid of Tottenham Hotspur, and he’ll try to persuade Belgian pair Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen to make the switch to Old Trafford.

Wit Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand both leaving in the summer, Jan Vertonghen would be an excellent replacement for either. The 26-year old has been a mainstay in the Spurs back-line when fit, and its an added bonus that he already has Premier League experience. The Belgian can also play left-back, making his versatility another good reason for Moyes to put a bid in.

Mousa Dembele would also improve our starting XI dramatically. The midfielder can play in various positions, including central-midfield and attacking midfield. He cost Spurs £15million in 2012 as he made the move from Fulham, and at the time I’d hoped United would’ve mad a bid for him. He’ll cost considerably more now, but Moyes must pull out all the stops to attract big names to the club.

My only concern is that if Tottenham Hotspur finish in the top four which is now a real possibility. They only sit three points behind Liverpool in the hunt for Champions League football, and somehow they are suddenly eight points clear of Manchester United.

Both would be excellent signings, and would probably cost a combined £40m but they’d both definitely be worth it as the Premier League experience is vital meaning they could come straight into the see playing on top of their game.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah,
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah………………..breath, breath, breath hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Big step down for them, why would they want to join a mid table side, makes no sense.

  2. You have no chance of Jan joining Old Trafford, if he does ever leave it won’t be to a club in England…but you have Dembele, he has been one big disappointment so you are welcome to him.

  3. 40m not a chance. Vertongen is right up there with the best cb in the world. Not that he’s worth 30m but that’s prob what he will go for due to Monaco psg etc bumping all prices up. Barcelona most likely destination and dembele will be 20m

  4. United have characteristically relied on Spurs talent to win them trophies for instance Teddy Sheringham, Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov. Without them United would never have reached the pinnacles of achievement they reached in the past. Its only natural that they should turn to Spurs to help them out again. Problem is that Spurs players are not groomed to making 84 crosses a match as Spurs have always had a more elegant attack. So I guess these players would have to be retrained to drop to United’s level. Can be done but an expensive way to develop trash don’t you think?

  5. This is fantastic. So apparently dembele and vertonghen are worth 20m each and would want to take a backwards step to a team Levy will never sell to again. Take bale for example, rejecting 20m less than what he accepted from Madrid.. Vertonghen is up there with the best, you think levy would let him go for anything less than 40m alone? It’s not fifa14

  6. WTF are you talking about? ..
    1) Why would Spurs sell to a ‘rival’?.. That’s assuming Man u even recover from mid-table obscurity any time soon!

    ..Note,.. Berba, Carrick and Teddy are different matters, as Man U were light years ahead of us (until about 3 yrs ago when the decline really started showing), so it didnt matter selling to em then as we made sh*t loads of money out of em!)

  7. You can no longer pick and choose as you used to because you no longer are as you used to be and these two although decent players will not put you back where you were, by my reckoning you need at least five top flight players to get back up there at the kind of cost that Chelsea and Man. City are willing to pay.

  8. Would be,could be … won’t be. On one hand DL would never willingly sell to the opposition, on the other if he does he makes massive profit l.e. Bale, Modric 40.000 000 is way under what would he would consider.

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