Eric Cantona dominates headlines ahead of Palace clash

Selhurst Park; The scene of Eric Cantona’s infamous kung fu kick back on the 25th January, 1995. Skip to 2014 and almost twenty years down the line, and United head down South to take on Crystal Palace once again. The United fans will be armed with Cantona masks in celebration of one of the club’s greatest ever players…

However these masks have caused much controversy amongst the fans of tomorrow’s opponents, and Palace fans are claiming that wearing Cantona masks would be completely disrespectful to 35-year old Paul Nixon who tragically lost his life at the hands of United fan’s who chased him.

After the uproar from Palace fans, United supporters group Stretford End Flags took to Twitter to add that the masks are in no way intended to celebrate the sad death of Paul Nixon, but to celebrate the history of one of United’s greatest ever players in Eric Cantona.

After speaking to several United fans myself, the majority didn’t even know what happened on that tragic day, so suggestions that United are intentionally going out of their way to upset the Palace fans are way off the mark.

The Reds fans heading to London tomorrow are honestly going down there with the intention to remember Cantona for everything good he did for Manchester United football club, and they in no way want to disrespect an innocent fan who died.

United know all about tragedy after the Munich air disaster, so why on earth would they want to disrespect another club in that way when United fans know what its like to be on the receiving end?

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  • Matt

    How can you say they’re ‘just going to remember Cantona’? There are 38 games in the league season and they pick this one to do it, as they did the last time Palace were in the premier league. If it hadn’t have been for what happened to Paul Nixon I think most Palace fans would think as I do, in that ‘it’s a bit sad going on about something that happened nearly 20 years ago but so be it, it’s a bit of fun’ but, knowing what happened partly as a result of his actions, surely they could pick another game to do this at? And maybe some fans don’t know about it, but they do now as it’s all over the papers, so why don’t they do the respectful thing and keep it for a game that won’t offend people and potentially cause further trouble.

    It’s pathetic and irresponsible, I have had sympathy for some United fans as their own success has lead to some being priced out of going to games and a huge armchair following that give the real fans a bad name with their stupid comments. That said, if United fans go ahead with this tomorrow, they can join the list of scum along with Millwall and Hull (see August 2005 vs QPR)