No Manchester United manager has ever won a trophy in their first two years of management. This might be something worth remembering if you were part of the media onslaught on new years day following the Tottenham game.

Look back to the 2011 – 2012 season, cracks were already starting to show. No finals, no champions league knock-out and above all no trophies. Only the signing of Robin Van Persie in the summer of 2012 and the fact the rest of the ‘big’ teams had bad seasons meant Manchester United were crowned champions for a record 20th time.

Moyes needs to rebuild an ageing squad which hasn’t really seen a major overhaul since the Champions League victory in 2008. Since then Scholes has retired, Ronaldo has left, Tevez left, Hargreaves had his problems, Fletcher is not what he was and the defence has aged with time. Its no wonder that the Manchester United squad seems to have stagnated to a point where Everton are running ahead of us in the league table.

If we look back to the early 2000’s its obvious that rebuilding a squad, especially one at Manchester United can take time. It took Sir Alex almost half a decade to rebuild to a point where we could challenge in Europe again. Time is a vital ingredient for success. Sir Alex had time, and Moyes deserves the same.

Im sure if Twitter was around in 1989 or even 2003 #fergieout would have been trending. As it was the #moyesout brigade was out again in full swing again after the Spurs game, since being quiet during the previous 6 wins in 6 games. Now I’m not saying Moyes should be averse from criticism. Far from it. The Performance against spurs was an embarrassment. But just remember we’re not Manchester City, were Manchester United….be careful what you wish for.

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