Five things you may have not known about Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is not only one of the most successful managers in European football history, but also a character pretty much everyone loves having in the Premier League for his sometimes almost troll-like ability to handle a press conference or a back and forth with another manager. Here are some interesting facts that only add to the legend that is the man!

Some Kids in Portugal Had Jose Mourinho As Their PE Teacher

Whether you loved or hated PE in school, imagine being able to say that your teacher went on to become one of the most famous men in football? While most managers come from a playing background, Mourinho never had the pace or power required to make a big impact as a player and follow in his father’s footsteps, so he made it his aim to become a great coach instead. While he was training to become accredited, he served for five years as a high school PE teacher at several different schools in Lisbon. It is scary to imagine him trying to motivate teens using the approaches he uses on his players!

He’s Married to His Teen Sweetheart

While many female fans of the beautiful game consider him ‘the most handsome manager in football’, Mourinho has actually been married since 1989 – before many of his players were even born! He met his wife Matilde when they were both teenagers growing up in Setubal, Portugal, though she is originally from Angola.

He Was Cautioned By The Police for a Really Weird Misdemeanour…

While he was at Chelsea in 2007, Mourinho got in trouble with the UK police for taking his pet dog out of the hands of some health officials who wanted to quarantine it, and encouraging it to run away from them! In the UK, animals that have been taken abroad need to have records of their vaccinations or be put in quarantine to ensure rabies isn’t brought into the country. It was suspected that Leya the dog had been taken out of the country without the correct procedures, and when they came to take the dog into quarantine, Mourinho’s wife tipped him off and he rushed home from an award ceremony to try and free his pet! He was cautioned for obstructing the officials in trying to do their job.

Dr Mourinho

Jose Mourinho actually has a doctorate. It was awarded to him 20 years after he graduated from the Technical University of Lisbon with his degree in sport and physical education, for his contributions and accomplishments in the field of sport. Jose was, in some ways, a pioneer of coaching techniques that blend what is known about physical training with modern thinking on things like psychology and team dynamics, and this may well change the ideas around the role of a coach for future generations interested in becoming football managers.

Multilingual Manager

Mourinho has managed teams all over Europe and won most of the big European leagues, making him very familiar to fans in lots of countries who like to use bet at home- thebookiesoffers. It is perhaps not surprising given his success in the leagues of so many European countries, but Mourinho speaks a considerable number of languages. As well as his native Portuguese, he is also fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as the Spanish Catalan dialect. His way with words has certainly helped him earn his status as one of the most interesting and quoted men in the sport, and of course can also help him coach players from all different parts of Europe, South America and Africa, which is certainly an asset in the Premier League!

These are just a few interesting things about reds boss Jose Mourinho. What is your favourite Jose fact? Let us know!

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