Gary Neville absolutely slams into Man United star following Palace victory

Manchester United finally showed a spirit and desire that the fans have been begging for all season, with the Red Devils turning around a 2-0 deficit to beat Crystal Palace 3-2.

The game as a whole was a frustrating one, particularly for the first hour as the hosts dominated the game. Although the last 20 minutes were superb, with United going all out for the victory, in the end, they were rewarded.

However, that didn’t stop United hero Gary Neville absolutely laying into Paul Pogba on Sky Sports News, and rightly so. The 24-year-old put in an embarrassing performance, which has to be concerning for Jose Mourinho.

“He’s been nowhere near good enough. His great strength is he plays with freedom and like he’s playing in the park with mates.” Neville told Sky Sports, per The Sun.

“But his great weakness is [just that]. It’s like everything he does is a YouTube or Instagram video. It’s like he’s not serious, like it’s a joke to him in terms of the way he goes about things.

“No wonder Jose has left him out in the last few weeks a number of times.”

I lost track of how many times Pogba gave the ball away needlessly, either through showboating or just sheer carelessness. It’s a trait that he simply has to eradicate from his game if he wants to succeed in the Premier League, but I don’t think he’ll be able to change the habit.

As Neville says, that’s what makes him who he is. It’s a sort of, ‘you live by the sword, you die by the sword’ style that he plays, and if you try to change that, perhaps he won’t be as effective altogether.

Who knows, perhaps Mourinho will make Pogba sit back on the bench for a game or two. Maybe that kick up the backside is what he needs to rediscover that hunger and drive; proving people wrong is what he lives for, and it would be shrewd of the gaffer to stick him back on the substitutes bench.

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