Giggs: This Man United man will become ‘brilliant footballer’

Manchester United Football Club splashed huge money in the summer, to bring Paul Pogba back to Old Trafford. The 23-year-old left for Juventus four years ago for next to nothing, and it cost Jose Mourinho a world record sum to get the Frenchman back.

This season has definitely been a very hit and miss one for Pogba, but you can see just how talented he is. It’s so easy to forget that he’s so young, we need to realise that Paul is still learning the game and it will be a few years yet before he’s anywhere near the finished article.

However, that didn’t stop Frank Lampard laying into the central midfielder a couple of days ago. Now today, Pogba has received some backing by one of his former teammates; Ryan Giggs.

The Welsh Wizard has discussed the astronomical transfer fee, before adding that he believes Paul Pogba will become a brilliant footballer. Giggs also mentioned the fact that he’s scored seven goals already, and not many midfielders of such a young age would be able to do that.

“I have never seen a 23-year-old midfield player dominate games for a whole season, so the £90m that they paid is obviously what people focus on and talk about,” Giggs is quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“He will become a brilliant footballer, there is no doubt about that.”

“He’s scored seven goals (in all competitions), not many midfielders at 23 will do that, but because he cost so much he’s compared with that price tag, when actually he’s done okay this season. Okay, not brilliant, but not really bad.”

I absolutely love this from Giggsy. He’s right as well. Alright, there has definitely been times where Pogba just hasn’t been good enough, but people are quick to mention that. The analysts of this world also tend to overlook him when he absolutely bosses a game, but I guess that is expected when you pay so much for one player.

The sad thing is that his transfer fee will always be hanging over his head and no matter what happens, it’ll always come back to bite him on the bum.

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