Herrera will shine, but he isn’t as good as Kroos or Pogba says Nicky Butt

According to Nicky Butt, Manchester United have signed an excellent prospect in Ander Herrera, but he admits that he isn’t of the calibre of Toni Kroos or Paul Pogba just yet. Butt does go on to say that he has the potential to be as good as these players, but Herrera needs time to mature, and adapt to the English game.

Butt said:

‘You can all talk about Pogba or Kroos but these kind of players are not easy to get. So you have to widen your net and Herrera is a bonus.

‘He is at a level where he can play at a club like United and given a bit of time he can excel.

I watched Ander a few times last season on scouting trips. He impressed me. He can become a star player for us. He can become a big influence on our midfield [but] you will have to be patient with him.’

Why Nicky Butt feels the need to compare him to Pogba or Kroos is beyond me. It puts Herrera on a downer straight away because he won’t feel as if he was our first choice in that position. 

Thankfully Herrera strikes me as the kind of player who will work hard and want to prove the doubters wrong. He has a good head on his shoulders, and whilst on tour he will show us what a talented midfielder he is.

Is Nicky Butt right? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  • Dave Jones

    Why say that? Butt is a plonker.

  • Nikhil

    Nicky butt isn’t right at all! Herrera is a very very talented box to box midfielder and he is better than pogba and kroos

  • jamie

    Think butt has got that spot on, don’t kid yourselves saying he is better than kroos or pogba, cause he isn’t. But he has the potential to be, which is exactly what butt was saying, and Herrera will know he isn’t as good as them yet, so it encourages him to work towards that

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