Ian Wright: Man United may part ways with superstar next summer

Manchester United fans were immensely excited in January, when news broke as Alexis Sanchez has decided to move to Old Trafford.

The Chile international was supposed to help turn our fortunes around. Instead, it feels like he’s only compounded to the misery.

Sanchez’s goals output has been drastically reduced, while his overall effect on games is nonexistent at times. All while keeping Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial suppressed. It hasn’t worked well to this point.

Now, Arsenal legend Ian Wright has given his take on the situation. He’s suggested that United may well look to offload the #7 if things don’t change before the season’s end. You know what? I think I agree with him.

“If I was a businessman, I’d see how it goes for the rest of the season then look to offload,” Wright said, per the BBC.

“It’s because of the wages he’s on.”

“For me, right now, if United had paid money for him they’d be thinking: ‘How are we going to get that back?’

“Sanchez will have to take a hit on his weekly wage [if he joins another club]. Nobody will pay a fee for him, because of the way he’s playing.”

He does not warrant a place in the team when you have Martial and Marcus Rashford waiting to play,”

“You look at him at United: he’s not shackled, he’s got freedom. His form will have to kick in to justify a place.”

It’s a shame because I, like pretty much everyone, was delighted at the time. I seriously thought that Sanchez would’ve done far more than he has to this point.

Whether it’s a case of him trying too hard, Sanchez just being past it or the fact that he doesn’t suit Jose Mourinho’s style remains to be seen. Right now, it just isn’t working.

If it continues for much longer then I think United have no choice but to take a hit while admitting they made a huge error. How long can they keep Rashford and Martial shackled? It’s pretty common knowledge that the Frenchman has already decided that he wants out. I’d seriously consider selling in January and going back to what was working before his arrival…

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