Is Andreas Pereira good enough for Manchester United?

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Manchester United’s proud history and tradition has always started with the development of youth.

To Jose Mourinho’s credit, he carried on that mantra, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer taking up the mantle and doing similar.

Perhaps one man who the fans thought was never really given a fair chance is Andreas Pereira. The versatile Brazilian can play on either wing, or more recently has shown his capabilities in a deeper midfield role.

However, regular minutes at Old Trafford have never really been on the table, with fans growing in frustration that Pereira has never been given a fair crack at the whip.

Against Reading yesterday, I feel that we’re beginning to see why Pereira has been underused. He looked slow and off the pace, this was against a struggling Championship side don’t forget…

I liken him to Scot McTominay in the regard that I’m not really sure what Pereira’s supposed to do. He’s not a defensive midfielder, nor does he has the on-ball ability to be classed as a forward-thinking midfielder. Is he something in between? Say, an Ander Herrera? Maybe, but he’s just not as good as the Basque.

At 23, he’s no longer considered young either. In the modern-day game, 17-year-old’s are playing regularly for top teams, while Pereira has spent the last half-decade trying to break in. His loan moves to Spain were when I really started to think is he good enough, and their style of play is far more suited to his style. The English game, not so much…

With his contract winding down and no sign of a renewal in the offing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him let go during this January transfer window. Why should the club want to keep him? Why should Pereira want to stay if he isn’t playing regularly?

It seems best for all involved that he leaves. I wish him all the success in the future, and no doubt he’ll come back to haunt us at one point or another, but the time is right.

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