Jose Mourinho blasts media regarding Paul Pogba ‘lies’

During the week, reports surfaced suggesting that Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho had fallen out regarding the player’s position on the field.

Apparently, the 24-year-old wanted to play in a three-man midfield rather than the pairing that sees Pogba partner up with Nemanja Matic.

Now, though, Mourinho met the media for his pre-match Huddersfield press conference. Remarkably, he’s claimed that it’s all lies and he and Pogba have a good relationship, although the gaffer did admit that the £89million man didn’t play well against Newcastle on Sunday.

“I think you are nice with your words – because when you say lots of speculation you should say a lot of lies. Don’t be nice, be objective and say lies.” Mourinho is quoted as saying by BBC Sport.

“It’s a big lie that our relationship is not good, it’s a big lie that we don’t communicate, a big lie that we don’t agree with his positions and his involvement in the dynamic of the team.

“It’s easy and honest and objective to say Paul didn’t play well against Newcastle but some of the guys they are paid millions, don’t let people read things that are not true. 

“It’s my problem and Paul’s problem to improve his performance level, you don’t need to be a liar.”


What I love about this is the fact that Mourinho admits that it’s up to both he and Pogba to improve his performance levels. Whether that be through a switch in tactics, playing style or whatever it may be, a change is certainly necessary in one way or another.

Look, we all know that Pogba is a world-class footballer and that hasn’t changed. Confidence-level seems low at the moment, but I fully expect him to put in brilliant performances whatever the formation. Nobody was moaning when Pogba was playing in a two-man midfield as he put in a Man of the Match display during our 4-1 victory over Newcastle earlier on in the season, were they?

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