Jose Mourinho confirms he rejected big-money Chinese offer

Manchester United Football Club took the bold decision to hire a certain Jose Mourinho over the summer, with the Red Devils firing Louis van Gaal despite an FA Cup win. At this point in time, it’s hard to judge whether it’ll work out for the better – but it certainly feels as though Jose is taking us in the right direction.

The self-proclaimed special One has obviously been a busy man since the start of this campaign, but he took some time off to do an excellent interview with GQ Magazine – and discussed all topics, including the possibility of moving to China.

“I have already refused a big offer to go to China, but I don’t criticise anyone who decides to do it.” Jose Mourinho told GQ Magazine. “It’s their choice, their life. Only they can decide what they need for their future. Other managers in the Premier League have been critical, but I am no critic.”

Jose then went on to discuss the fact that players who are in their peak years shouldn’t really head off to China so early on – which I completely agree with. At the end of the day, the top players in England already make more than enough money, so they may as well do it at the highest level of football, rather than committing career suicide.

Personally, I find it refreshing to hear our manager rejecting China. Jose Mourinho is a coach that has won absolutely everything there is to win all over Europe, and it would be easy for him to take one big pay day and retire. It just goes to show how hungry he is to keep on succeeding, and really cement his already brilliant legacy.

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