Manchester United must start winning Premier League matches

Over the last few weeks, United have been struggling for form in the league. Moyes’ men went on a baron spell of four games without a win, which for a club of the stature of Manchester United is quite frankly unbelievable. We’ve won our last two games though, so lets hope this is the start of a revival.

United were champions last year, and by a comfortable distance. The squad this year has only gotten stronger with the addition of Marouane Fellaini and youngster Adnan Januzaj, but for some reason the majority of the players don’t seem hungry enough at the present time.

David Moyes has to get his men motivated again, he has to instil fire in their bellies and he has to get them playing like champions. However, if you cannot wait for that why not check out the following:

A League Of Your Own gives you power to personalise the league table by taking out various factors in a match. For example you can remove penalties, cut out goals from a certain length, and even change the match time! For example if you cut out the last five minutes of every match in the Premier League, United would be sitting in sixth place, just five points behind leaders Arsenal.

Another example is taking out goals from corners, now usually United don’t rely on these a lot, but these season has been different. If you were to take out Manchester United goals scored from corners we’d be sitting in ninth place in the league table.

I’ve even taken out Wayne Rooney’s goals and assists, and trust me it makes for glum reading. Without his contributions United would be sitting in fifteenth place, a staggering thought considering United were champions last season when Wayne wasn’t anywhere near his best.

Go and check out League Of Your Own here, and start experimenting with alternative league tables whether its just for fun or to help you prove your point in a football argument!

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  • Sam

    First, In my opinion I don’t see Fellaini by any mean an addition strength, not because he is bad but we actually didn’t need him aswe ddon’t need a player in his position. And lack of bringing in any first class players and by looking to other clubs activities during the transfers winddow.. it’s frustrating to the team and fans.

  • Sausageface

    They aren’t doing any different to last season those close games would have been finished had RVP been scoring the way he was last year, other than that not a lot has changed. Squad has way to much chaff still. You clearly do not understand the concept of strengthening..