Manchester United players struggling to cope with classic Jose Mourinho trait: report

Several Manchester United players are currently struggling to cope with Jose Mourinho’s habit of criticising individuals.

That’s what sources have told ESPN, with some players clearly not fond of Mourinho’s willingness to call out players by name.

This is something that the self-proclaimed Special One has always done, even from his first time at Chelsea, which began fifteen years ago.

Rightly or wrongly, it’s something that should always be expected when Mourinho is in charge. More often than not, it has led to his teams getting the right results.

Honestly, I think it depends on each individual situation and you have to know the player. Sometimes, the tough-love mantra works and gets the best out of players, but other footballers wilt under the pressure.

The best example of Mourinho digging out his players has to be Luke Shaw. The left-back was lauded one minute, before being hooked at half-time and publicly criticised shortly after. Since then, we’ve barely seen the Englishman and now it certainly feels as though the writing is on the wall for him.

One thing that has been consistent is Mourinho’s time at clubs. Never has he done more than a four-year stint anywhere. We’re currently approaching the end of his second season, so if that logic holds true again, he’s halfway through his tenure at Old Trafford.

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