Manchester United takeover: Saudi’s set to offer huge amount to buy Red Devils

Image via: Max Pixel

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is set to make a colossal offer to try and attempt a Manchester United takeover.

That’s according to the Daily Mirror, who say that the Saudi Arabian, who is worth a huge £850billion, is ready to test The Glazer’s resolve with an astronomical £4billion bid to try and buy United.

Apparently, Avram Glazer was due to fly out to Riyadh to take part in an International Forum and meet with Mohammad bin Salman; however, he has pulled out, although the prince is hoping he can still meet with Mr. Glazer over the next couple of weeks.

Honestly, the politics regarding potential ownership is a huge turn-off in my opinion. The Saudi’s are making headlines for all the wrong reasons right now, and having that operating our football club? I’m not so sure.

Obviously, it’d be nice having an endless supply of money to pump into the playing squad but sometimes, there is bigger issues than what is going on out on the football field.

No doubt the Glazers themselves will tread very carefully. The last thing they’d want is more fan furore headed their direction. Honestly, though, I don’t think they have any intentions of selling up.

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