Paul Pogba hints at major unhappiness at Manchester United under Jose Mourinho

Manchester United Football Club kicked off their Premier League campaign with a slender 2-1 victory at home to Leicester City. At that point, though, three points were all that mattered.

To my surprise, the captain on the evening was Paul Pogba. Our midfield maestro would’ve been brimming with confidence following a World Cup-winning summer. Now, it’s time for him to come back to Old Trafford and deliver the goods domestically.

However, not all is well at the Theatre of Dreams for the Frenchman. He’s put his unhappiness on record, while hinting that if he comes out and says what he wants to say, Pogba would be in trouble with the club.

“If you’re not happy, you cannot give your best,” Pogba stated, per the BBC.

“There are things I cannot say otherwise I will get fined,”

Then the midfielder was asked about the differences between playing for club and country:

“I am the same, but it’s a different team, obviously.”

“I still enjoying playing football but like I said, when you are comfortable or confident and are good in the head, it’s going to be easier.”

Honestly, why not just come out and say what you want to say? He’s as good as done that, so why not stand by your thoughts? Is a few-hundred-thousand pound fine really going to hurt him? Not in the slightest.

I seriously don’t like the timing of this. Why not do what Anthony Martial did this summer? Come out and state your unhappiness rather than pussyfooting around the situation, after the transfer window has closed, no less. It’s weak-minded from Pogba, even more so given the fact that Jose Mourinho was full of praise for him before and after the Leicester match.

Now, he’s boxed himself in. If he wants to move, he cannot leave until January at the earliest. The club are now stuck with another unhappy player, which will only breed toxicity in the dressing room. All Pogba has done is made the situation worse. Rightly or wrongly, the timing of these comments are awful. All it does it put a dampener on our opening day victory, needlessly, too…

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