PICTURE: Gary Neville awarded honorary doctorate by Salford University

After Ryan Giggs was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Bolton not long ago, Gary Neville has been awarded the same thing from the University of Salford today. The award is courtesy of his achievements towards the sustainability in the sports and property development industries.

After an illustrious playing career with Manchester United came to a close just a couple of years ago, Gary Neville has tried his hand at various things. He is a well-known pundit for Sky Sports, an England coach for Roy Hodgson and the rest of the Three Lions and he is also currently working on opening up an supporters club right outside Old Trafford.


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  • Ivan Andreson

    It would appear that being an ex footballer with a few million quid in the bank is more important than having a brain these days. Universities certainly seem to think so. Recently Ryan Giggs was awarded an honorary doctorate and now Gary Neville, neither of them having appeared on University Challenge. So what exactly have they done to merit this award? Good question, please send your answers, on a postcard, to the address below.

    • Kaizo

      Honorary degrees mean nothing at all, they are given to celebrities and successful people in a specific field so the specific department or faculty can acquire funding from them. Every year they will get a call from the university asking for a donation, and they will be obliged to comply with this request because university put them on their alumni.

      • Ivan Andreson

        Now it doesn’t seem so bad, thanks for the explanation.
        All we need to do now is to get the state to fund education, which should be the right of everyone, and these millionaires can put their money to better use saving children or animals.