PICTURE: Manchester United 2014/15 home kit leak

Recently we’ve seen a lot of mock-up kits for next season, as Manchester United are changing their sponsor to American car manufacturer Chevrolet. The actual kit hasn’t been unveiled by the club yet, but if it looks something like the one below we’d be rather happy.

Most of the kits we’ve seen have been atrocious, and lets face it the Chevrolet logo is big and ugly, but this one actually looks alright if you ask me.


What are your thoughts on this kit? Leave them in the comment box below.

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  1. White and black color ?! Remember the last time we used white nd black color ? Mancoty 3-Qpr 2 !! Anyways, it looks classy ! Hope it brings us luck which we need desperately

  2. The Chevy logo looks a bit off for some reason… I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps if they get rid of the gold part and just keep a black outline with a white filling? Just an idea, but otherwise it looks pretty nice.

    • What difference would changing to Adidas make to the the sponsor’s logo? We have a 7 year contract with Chevrolet and they’re going to want their brand advertised irrespective of who designs our kits.

      • The kits awful before the gold logo. The sponsor needs to be in white only IMO. Our nike kits have been poor for years. Adidas make the nicest shirts. Again jus my opinion.

      • I Wouldn’t buy it for myself anyway I’m a grown man but my kids will want it as they don’t know any better. So no it’s not that simple.

  3. shirt dont look good but if we win all our games in it then it makes any shirt look good and ill stick to nike rather than adidas ,the name is just bigger and adidas will just be 2nd best although they very creative now where nike is not but nike always comes back with a bang.

  4. I disagree with the writer. The strip isn’t great. Below average. Nike have been making shit to OK kits. None of the Nike kits have been great and I miss the ones from the 90s.

    The one listed in the article can also be found here (with the only difference being the gold logo of the sponser being bigger):


    Then it shows the away kit:


    The Mirror has us with something a little better, but not my much (and no gold logo):


    My personal fave is this mock up but don’t think it will happen:


    The sponser is all white and the perfect size on the shirt. The kit design is quite nice and better than the ones in the article and the one from the mirror (which has the sponser way too big).

    Myself, I can’t wait to switch over to Adidas. Their strips have been better overall than Nike’s. And they are going to pay us more. Nike have lacked creativity for some time.

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