PICTURE: Plane banner to fly over Old Trafford tomorrow

Manchester United have been poor on the pitch so far this season, but the fans have been the saving grace that are doing the team proud. However, tomorrow as United take on Aston Villa, a plane with the banner that reads ‘wrong one, Moyes out’ on it will take to the skies and hover above Old Trafford during the game tomorrow.

At first I was undecided on the idea, but now that I’ve seen the plane with the banner as pictured below, I’ve realised how small-minded the whole idea is. Yes, David Moyes isn’t having the best of times at the moment, and yes I personally want him to be sacked but this plane banner is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever seen.

In a way it makes me want Moyes to succeed even more, and you never know, this could be his ‘ta-ra Fergie, three years of excuses and its still crap’ moment.


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  1. That dozy prat moyes won’t believe that the protest is against him,he thinks he is doing a good job,a laser guided smart bomb aimed at his grizzled face is the best way to go,that way no other team as to suffer his shite management,is the Scotland job available? I know the perfect candidate, send him home. Moyes out now.

  2. Sound like a great idea to me. I’m in favour of anything that humiliates Moyes. After all he’s humiliated us this season by ruining our team. And the fans need to start learning how to boo. We’ve not had much practice these last twenty-odd years but how else are we going to get rid of this charlatan of a manger?

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