Picture: Rashford 1 Boris 0 banner spotted in Wythenshawe

Image Via: Max Pixel/CC0 Public Domain.

As we know all too well, football has taken a backward step over the last few months. Nothing is more important than life itself, but tonight, the Premier League returns after a 100-day hiatus.

Behind the scenes, players will be looking to keep themselves fit and fresh. Marcus Rashford was actually injured before lockdown started, though during the COVID-19 outbreak, he has gone above and beyond.

From starting a charity, to learning sign language to judge a school competition, Rashford continues to prove he’s a true man of the people. His latest effort is by far and away his greatest achievement, though.

Forcing the government to make a U-turn on free school meals over the summer will mean that young people all over the country will not go to bed hungry at night during these tough times. Simply put, he took on the powers-that-be head-on – and came out on top.

We’re all so proud of Rashford and in the aftermath, this fantastic ‘Rashford 1, Boris 0’ banner has been pictured in his homeland, Wythenshawe:

It just upsets me that, in this day and age, a footballer has to be the one to try and do something about children going hungry. Surely, as a country, that should be one of our top priorities?

Unfortunately, many don’t hold that view which is deeply upsetting. Today, though, the will of the people has shone through and the people have won this battle.

Thank you Marcus Rashford, you’re a true inspiration to us all.

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