Pundit heaps praise on Bruno Fernandes who is ‘here to stay’

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Manchester United Football Club must be in dreamland right now. To sign Bruno Fernandes in January, and for the Portuguese to make such an immediate impact, well, nobody expected that…

To come in and win major individual honours in his first month is just ridiculous. More than that, though, he’s won the hearts of United fans all over the world.

I think we all expected him to be pretty good, but not like this. Then the obvious concern is whether he’s just enjoying his honeymoon period. However, according to pundit Steve Nichol, Fernandes is much more than just a ‘flash in the pan’.

The pundit has heaped the praise on the United star who is propelling the Reds forward, labelling the mega-talented 25-year-old as ‘the inspiration’.

“There is always that temptation particularly when it is so obvious, the difference he has made and so obvious that he joined a team that needed something.” Nicol told ESPN FC.

“So far he has been the inspiration.

“For the last couple of years he has always been mentioned by the top sides, but it seemed that nobody ever went that extra mile and signed him.

“I didn’t know about his previous stints, to be honest, and I would have to think that is what put clubs off.

“But Manchester United are actually going to benefit because clearly the guy has figured it out.

“And when you have been through a tough situation and you need turn all that around, you start doing the things that he is doing in the Premier League then that says to me I don’t believe is going to be a flash in the pan.

“I think he is here to stay.”

The bold claims just keep on coming, but they’re all more than justified. Fernandes has been simply sensational. I’ve said it countless times already, but we’re talking about a born winner here. I’d go as far as saying we haven’t had someone with that trait since Cristiano Ronaldo left Old Trafford.

He’s someone who makes everyone around him better. Look at how well Anthony Martial is playing now, while Fred seems to have kicked his game up a notch now that he’s got a proper midfield partner. Suddenly, Paul Pogba is trying to get back in action too. It’s not just a coincidence…

To hear that from an ex-pro, Fernandes is here to stay is massively encouraging. United have someone who can be the heartbeat of their team for the next half-decade. Now, it’s about putting the right pieces around him to ensure that success is just around the corner…

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