Report: Jose Mourinho to be sacked this weekend – whatever the result vs Newcastle

Image via: Flickr.

For Jose Mourinho, time is dwindling down. Whatever the result this weekend, the current Manchester United manager is set to lose his job.

That’s according to the Daily Mirror in an exclusive, who say that the self-proclaimed Special One has reached the point of no return at Old Trafford.

Results-wise, it has been a truly horrific start to the season, there is absolutely no getting away from that.

However, if you think that sacking the manager is going to change things, you’re sadly mistaken. The problems at United run far deeper than the current boss. Whoever that is at any given moment, he’s just the fall-guy.

In this case, it’s Mourinho, the third-best manager in Premier League history. If he can’t do it, well, I’m not sure who can.

What’s most frustrating is the fact that this news is being leaked out of the club before his final game. The board should be disgraced with themselves for allowing that to happen. All that’s going to do is put the fans even further in Mourinho’s corner.

As Gary Neville passionately puts it in the video below, it’s just shocking to see what is unfolding at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Playing Football Manager with Manchester United is never going to work, is it?

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