Robin van Persie’s agent met Arsene Wenger about a potential return? No chance

According to Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri, Robin van Persie’s agent met with Arsene Wenger on the 28th of January and discussed a potential return to Arsenal. If we’re being honest, Van Persie hasn’t looked as happy this season, but I highly doubt a return to Arsenal is on the cards.

This is probably just paper talk, and Tancredi Palmeri isn’t renowned for having inside information, but as mentioned earlier Robin van Persie looks a shadow of his former self so far under Moyes.

First of all, its worth noting that on the 28th January Arsenal were down in Southampton taking on The Saints, whereas Palmeri is claiming that Wenger met his agent in London on the same date. Which is highly unlikely.

A move wouldn’t really make sense either. Why would he join United, win the title and then want out after six months of things not going his way. If he does leave then under these circumstances then I’d be absolutely fuming, it’d show what kind of character he has and it’d mean he’s jumped ship at the first opportunity.

I cannot see Arsenal fans welcoming Robin back with open arms either. After refusing to celebrate against them when he scored twice last season, Robin van Persie went mental after scoring against them at Old Trafford earlier on this season. Can you blame him for that though? They’ve constantly booed him and called him a traitor. Anyway, we’ll save that for another day.

This sensational claim from Palmeri makes no sense whatsoever, so i’d advise you to take these claims with a pinch of salt for now…

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