Roy Keane sends strong message to Man United ‘crybabies’, urges them to give 100%

It looks as though the walls are closing in for Jose Mourinho. Manchester United are winless in four. The players are seemingly not playing for him any longer.

The dull, bland football is all well and good when wins are being registered, when the trophies are flowing. However, the poor stuff that is being played is highlighted far more when the results aren’t forthcoming.

The club is in a rut right now. Perhaps taking on Paul Pogba will prove to be Mourinho’s downfall. The players hold all the cards in the modern-day game, the self-proclaimed Special One can no longer work in exactly the same way as he did way back in 2003 when he first made the move to the Premier League.

However, Mourinho has received backing from an unlikely source. Roy Keane has told United’s ‘cry babies’ to get on with the task at hand, while adding that stopping playing at your best because you disagree with the manager is just unacceptable.

“We talk about footballers and managers, not every player is going to get along with their manager and the manager is not going to like every player,’ Keane told Notts TV, per The Metro.

“But what you do as a footballer, and whatever disagreements I’ve had with one or two managers, when you cross that line, you play for the team.”

“I don’t care what fallout you’ve had with your manager, I don’t care if you’ve been at each others’ throats, because that is part of the industry, people do fall out, it happens in other industries.”

“Unfortunately, when you’re at Man United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, things will get exaggerated.”

“But if you’re a footballer for Man United and you put that jersey on and walk out and don’t give 100 percent because you might be upset with somebody, then good luck to Mourinho in this job.”

“Players who get upset with the manager or coaching staff and think ‘I’m not going to train properly because somebody upset me’… there’s a lot of crybabies out there.”

Keano is right (for a change!). Yes, Mourinho has his faults. Heck, I wouldn’t be all too fussed if he lost his job tomorrow morning. With that said, no player is bigger than the club. If these prima donnas want to stop performing in an effort to ensure that Mourinho does lose his job, then those guys should be first out the exit door.

I’m looking at Paul Pogba. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to play for Mourinho. I’m still unsure as to whether he wants to be at the club at all. As soon as he decides that he isn’t going to give 100%, then for me, that’s it, he can go. He’s hardly set the world alight, has he?

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