Steven Gerrard: These are two Man United players that I used to hate

Manchester United have had a longstanding football rivalry for decades, and that is never going to change. The Merseysiders and Mancunians have always gone toe-to-toe in some ferocious battles over the years – and football just wouldn’t be the same without it.

One of the most hated scousers is Steven Gerrard. The Anfield icon has caused us pain and joy in equal measure since his career has begun, and now he’s hung up his boots, he’s turned to punditry.

The midfield maestro has identified a couple of former Manchester United captains as footballers that he used to hate, and it comes as no surprise that he’s name-dropped both Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand.

“When you’re lining up in the tunnel against Rio and Gary Neville you want to do everything in your power to beat them, there’s hatred there, that’s exactly how it is,” Gerrard said to the Daily Post.

“When you meet up for England at that time, you pretend you like them, but your career finishes, their career finishes and your friendship starts for real. 

“I’ve got nothing but respect for Rio as a player, he played for a top club all his life, he’s a good fella as well. I’m enjoying the role at BT with him as well.”

I guess that it’s just solely because of the rivalry. It wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t hate the guys on the opposite side of the field, and I’m sure that feeling was mutual.

At the end of the day, Gerrard is a born and raised scouser and Neville is a Mancunian. We feel it as fans, and I know I’ll give a Liverpool fan a funny look if I walk past the street; it’s just the way it goes.

It is pretty pleasant to read that now their punditry careers have begun they tend to get on a bit better, but I’m sure that all of the lads wouldn’t have wanted it any other way during the heat of battle.

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