Thank You David Moyes For Making Man Utd more exciting!

David Moyes is a very unpopular name between the United fans. From finishing seventh last season to playing mediocre football, he has done all to get criticised, but some fans overshadow the positives by looking at the negatives.

He tied-up Rooney with a five year contract, unearthed a gem in Adnan Januzaj, got us the Spaniard Juan Mata, and finally bringing Marouane Fellaini, with him, despite the irony.

These are a few good things he has done in his short stint as the manager for the biggest club in the world, but bigger than this all, he has made Manchester United games more exciting to watch.

Exciting doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve played better football under him, or better football than we are doing right now under Louis van Gaal however.

It means that no results are guaranteed as it was under the great Sir Alex Ferguson. In the Fergie era, you might have never thought twice for beating teams like MK Dons, Cambridge United, Stoke City and Leicester City. Now you simply cannot predicted which way Manchester United games are going to go, and watching the boys has become a whole lot more interesting and entertaining.

We now watch the games edge on the edge of our seats, and nail-biting chances for the opposition have become common throughout the games. You see twitter come into full force during match days, and you can now notice the difference within the stadium. The fans feel like they have to make more noise to roar the boys home, so-much-so that the once quiet Old Trafford has now been labelled as the loudest stadium in the land.

Lets not forget the man who is behind this – David Moyes. This has made football more fun and satisfactory that it was under Sir Alex Ferguson. It has bonded the United fans together. Thank you David Moyes!

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