Time for United to Cut Their Losses and Show Moyes the Door?

With yet another defeat against one of our main rivals in the league, leaving United 14 points of the pace. We ask could it be time for the Manchester United hierarchy to admit defeat, thank David for his services and part ways?

Yet again in the post match press conference following the defeat to Chelsea, we hear the all to familiar ‘I thought we did enough to get something out of the game’ drivel we have come acoustom to this season. But it wasn’t the fact we were beaten by Chelsea as that was expected, more the way we were beaten and the embarrassing decisions made by the manager which eventually led to defeat.

Let’s start with the Chelsea game. Starting Jones and Young after both have been out for weeks seems strange enough in a game like this, but putting them in the team in place of Kagawa and Flethcer who both played brilliantly in the second half against Swansea. It was asking for trouble. Playing Janazaj behind the striker which the one time he’s tried this before it didn’t work (in the first half against Swansea), so why would it work against Chelsea? 3-0 down when Evra picks up a knock, what does he do? Bring on a striker? Play 3 at the back? Put Valencia into RB? No he brings on a centre back in Chris Smalling. He brings on Chicarito far to late and doesn’t bother to make a third change as he sits in his chair evidently feeling sorry for himself and shaking his head. The latest in a number of strange games for the manager.

Other decisions which were outrageous are in abundance. To name a few. The decision to take Wayne Rooney off against Southamton with 3 minutes to go, one nil up at Old Trafford. Since when do Manchester United take thir best player off when they are 1-0 up at home? Southamton equalised. The stale performances against Newcastle and Everton where the manager seem to refuse to make changes which enough. The defeats to Sunderland and Swansea in the cup, again where Moyes seemed reluctant to change anything even when things were bad. The refusal to make changes when were 3-0 down to Manchester City? Outrageous. The list really does go on and on.

Moyes’s tactics (or lack of) are also to blame. The staleness and rigidity of United’s play this year has been mind blowing. With no plan a never mind a plan b. Since when do United defenders play the long ball which we’ve seen so often this year. It’s a coin toss which works for teams with less at their disposal, but this is Manchester United.

Manchester United have more failed crosses than any other team in Europe this year. And with the fans crying out for a Central Midfield maistro, it has to be asked how much good will a quality CM do if the teams tactics don’t involve playing through the centre of the park?

Other decisions including handing Nani a five year deal, or not giving Zaha a go? If Wilfred isn’t good enough now with the quality of wingers we have, he will never be. After 5 months of failed crosses, just give the boy a chance to show his worth. He can’t do much worse than Ashley Young.

I want someone to show me a decision Moyes has made this year which changed a game. I was recently pointed to the second half at Swansea. Where he changed from playing Kagawa in Januzajs position to put Kagawa in Kagawa’s position and Adnan in his. And astoundingly it worked….

His dealings in the transfer market have been nothing short of embarrassing. He purchased Fellani for 3.5 million pound more than he could have. He knows this player, yet refuses to play him in his actual position. Granted it wouldn’t fit with the Manchester United squad with RVP, Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez all above him in the pecking order. So therefore the question has to be asked, why bother signing him in the first place then?

Many people point to the fact Sir Alex was given 3 years. That’s true. But he had to turn a bottom of the league side into a championship winning side. All Moyes had to do was reasonably compete with a championship winning team, but he has so far been unable to do so. However if we employ a manager who’s greatest achievement was with Preston North End, aren’t we asking for trouble?

A sustained period with a mediocre manager, with mediocre tactics can surely only lead to one thing? For example Liverpool stuck with Sourness for 3 years following the departure of Dalgleish. This led to stagnation, and ultimately over 2 decades without a league title. If Manchester United aren’t pro active now, the same fate could be heading their way.

If Moyes does stay, I really do hope he turns it around, but with the awful tactics, lack of passion, poor press performances, clear passive mind set and all of the outrageous and down right pathetic decisions he’s made this year. Could it be time to swallow our pride and hand Moyes his p45?

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