Tom Cleverley deactivates his Twitter account after abuse from United fans

Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley has deactivated his Twitter account after Reds fans hurled abuse at the 24-year old from Basingstoke. Earlier in the week Cleverley admitted that he felt hurt that United fans didn’t understand his game, and now  the abuse must’ve gotten too much for the central-midfielder.

Lets be honest. Tom Cleverley is having a poor season. However no fan in their right mind should be abusing players wearing our shirt, because at the end of the day they are Manchester United players. We should be backing them rather than sending them abuse.

Deactivating his Twitter is a clever move in my eyes, as it takes him directly out of the fans line of fire for the time being. Lets hope he plays tonight and puts in a Man of the Match performance to prove people wrong.

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  • Fred

    ‘and puts in a Man of the Match performance to prove people wrong’ – he could do but then again
    a) that’s not his style!
    b) he’s shite
    c) he’s Tom Cleverly
    d) all the above

  • Murphy

    Him saying that he is a scapegoat for our poor form is ridiculous. And how can he say that we don’t understand his role when he only passes backwards or sideways, doesn’t look forward. Thats not a role, thats just cowardly and maybe a confidence issue. I agree we shouldn’t abuse him but Tom Cleverley has never shown me anything. A few glimpses of play but to me he has never been good enough for a United shirt.

  • realist

    good on him, not the brightest thing for a united player to be on these sights anyway imo, especially when you have pathetic morons like murphy and fred giving their own players stick

  • realist

    sites even! :)

  • Suleiman

    I see Tom has proven you wrong by putting in a commendable performance mr Fred. He needs encouragement and not senseless criticism.