Top boss says Jose Mourinho was his idol until they fell out – now he cannot stand him

Manchester United’s new manager Jose Mourinho has always been renowned for having that special relationship with his players and coaching staff. He tends to form a tight-knit bond with everyone involved, and that’s a large contributing factor as to why his teams are so successful.

However, one former colleague-turned-enemy of Jose’s has expressed his displeasure for the self-proclaimed Special One after they parted ways.

Andre Villas-Boas, who had an unsuccessful time at both Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, has claimed that Jose Mourinho was his idol – until he decided to branch out into management himself.

“In my formative moments working with Jose was the best time of my life – I was able to lean to many things and working with him takes you to another level,” said Villas-Boas on Tuesday, speaking in Amsterdam.

“You fall in love with him and he becomes your idol.”

“I wanted to be like him, know everything that he knew and absorb all the information he was giving.”

“Then you fall on the wrong side of Jose and that’s when things change and you realise that you’ve been blinded by someone.”

“He has this fascinating capability of getting the best out of you, which has good or bad consequences for people.”

“My consequences were that as a result of the argument or disagreement we had, I started my coaching career.”

Football is a tough old game. Jose Mourinho realises that AVB was about to become his enemy rather than someone who was on the same team. Things will change, and Jose is the type of character who’ll see Villas-Boas as a rival now, and that’s obviously hard to overcome.

At the end of the day, though, there is more to life than football and perhaps the pair are best off getting things out in the open and becoming mates again. Who knows, they could well end up working alongside each other again in the future.

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