Vidal, no smoke without fire?

Despite the fact the transfer window has only been open for 14 days, it already feels like the potential signing of Arturo Vidal has taken on the characteristics of a saga. The Chilean midfield star has been continually linked with a move to United over recent weeks with journalists changing their minds by the minute.

When it comes to United transfer business there seems to be a few more trusted personnel. James Ducker of The Times, Mark Ogden of The Telegraph, Ian Ladyman of The Daily Mail and Andy Mitten of United We Stand. So far, none of these guys are in agreement on United’s supposed pursuit of Vidal. Personally, I think all of the “reliable” sources are struggling due to a lack of solid information being leaked out of United, a good sign for the new regime.

However, despite the lack of information being leaked from the club, I would pick out James Ducker as the man to listen to with regards to the Vidal issue. His view is that United aren’t “actively pursuing him at this stage”. I believe this to be correct. As things stand, United do not maintain an interest in signing Vidal. The hype that has been created is purely of media fabrication, with the Italian and English outlets piggybacking on the stories one another are printing. There is no agreed fee and there is no personal agreement in place.

I will cautiously watch the Vidal saga continue, carrying no over enthusiasm at what is nothing more than media hype. He would be a phenomenal signing, we all know that. However, it is not a signing I expect United to complete.

The transfer window has started very well, with both Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera joining Louis Van Gaal’s new regime. I think there will be another two signings at least, possibly three and a few more departures as well. I do not expect Arturo Vidal to be one of the arrivals.


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  • George Freeman

    after snjeider we should all be cautious….ile never forgive the club for that 1…we lose a ballon dor winner replace him with valencia..and the next season we win nothing and the club wouldnt go all out for snjeider……hopefully van gaal wont let the club be so meek again……all hail king louis.

  • Patrick Ciccu

    this article i dont believe a word they say , i was right about herrera & shaw also with Di Maria & Kross …. i totally disagree Vidal wants the move , Evra rings the bell + his native country news paper has always been spot on … i see united sighning Vidal on thursday till sunday .. and add reus as well …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Eoin

    If we signed no one between now and the end of the transfer period I still think United will finish top four next season. I’m in complete agreement with the Vidal transfer saga. It’s pretty much the same article copied and pasted for over a month now with very little details added and the price occasionally fluctuating. I think we can be guaranteed on one thing and that is we will sign one or two dutch players probably the defensive players seeing as we are in short supply. With Liverpool losing Suarez and Gerrard losing time and United strengthening their squad and getting one of the best managers in Europe to replace *ahem plus the fact that we have no CL to contend with and we have one of the best fixture lists I honestly think United are almost guaranteed a to four finish.

    With Adidas new kit deal plus Chevrolet sponsorship united are bringing in an extra £133m plus TV rights shooting through the roof the club has turned into a juggernaut in terms of commercial brand. The Chiselers ahem… Glazers know how to make money and they’ll know that in order to keep ahead of steam they will have to spend money too. Whether we get Vidal I don’t know but I think right now United fans can be very optimistic for the clubs short and foreseeable future.

    If a club has a right manager (check) and a lot of money to spend (check) all that’s needed is the right players!!

  • stone

    I doubt will Manchester United still sign of vidal with a huge fee after Manchester United get a deal done with Adidas after all I believe this one of tick to get the kit deal with sponsorship. But I believe van gaal will still sign one or two players but with high fee I not sure .afterall it not a first time we get link with huge players like toni kroos , bale n more not that player we sign but a another sponsor deal . But I hope I wrong n I think vidal is player we need or must have in ours team because lack speed in middle spot or someone can tackle .

  • KayDee

    You’re probably right but it doesn’t mean that United are. An opportunity to sign the world’s best midfielder at a discounted price does not come often if ever. If the club don’t get all over this like a bad rash it will be a seriously major failing on our part; more so if he moves to another club. Over to you Ed.