5 Ways to Keep Entertained During Half Time at Old Trafford

The excitement and anticipation can be unbearable at half time, especially if the rest of the match relies on the success of Manchester United in the second half. However, there are many ways to keep your mind off the result within Old Trafford. If you are looking for ways to keep you and the family entertained during breaks in the match, here is the ultimate guide to enjoying yourself during half time.

1. Play Casino Games

Casino games are notoriously easy to get swept up in, helping you to easily pass the time between the first and second 45 minutes of the game. Not only will you become wrapped up in the fun and involving games on offer, but there are many sports-themed casino games that you can play to ensure that your mind is not off the match for a minute. Additionally, the high thrills of casino games can ensure that you can maintain your momentum until the gameplay begins again. Unibet offers a range of casino game options that you can play easily on your mobile device, meaning that you do not even have to leave your seat to enjoy them.

2. Watch Manchester United Interviews

Do you want to know more about the players that you are seeing play before your eyes? Or are you interested in guessing the outcome of the game? A great way to pass the time is to watch Manchester United interviews online, as these are often over 10 minutes, ensuring that you can stay distracted for a longer period of time. Many of the exclusive interviews available can be found on video streaming websites such as Youtube, giving you the chance to gain insight behind the gameplay and hear what your favourite players are feeling about the game.

3. Keep Up With Manchester United News

The downtime between halves is the perfect time to catch up on your favourite team’s latest news, ensuring that you can remain updated in terms of every press release. Football websites usually detail an array of news-worthy stories, such as the latest transfers and deals. Not only this, but most sporting news websites also allow you to watch goal highlights and see predictions for Manchester United. These can allow you to relive the best moments of the game and consider aspects of the gameplay which you might not have thought about.

4. Follow Manchester United on Social Media

If you want to hear what your fellow fans think about the match, you should follow Manchester United on social media. You can hear the club’s thoughts and news directly from them, let you know what you are thinking about the match, and connect with others to discuss the gameplay.

5. Explore the Stadium

However, you may be looking to stretch your legs in half time, and exploring the stadium is the best way to do this. Although many areas are restricted during match times, you will be able to marvel at the architecture and imagine that you are part of your favourite football team. If the crowds are putting you off, consider watching virtual tours of Old Trafford online.

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