Amazing Facts about Manchester United

True fans know everything about their favourites and even more, don’t they? But not when we’re talking about such giants as Manchester United. The club’s history is so long and rich that it’s easy to miss or forget something. That’s why we’ve collected the most interesting facts about the Red Devils.

History of the Club

It all started in 1878 when two railroad workers founded Newton Heath. In 1902, they went bankrupt and were looking for sponsors. The owner of a large brewery, John Henry Davies, bought the team and came up with a new name – Manchester United. Interestingly, he immediately realized the need for a new title, whether for a happier future or a better advertising campaign. He was right both ways.

Home Stadium

Old Trafford was opened in 1910 when the club struggled for survival. That is why the arena was originally for the rugby team and only then for Manchester United.

The stadium attracts with its unique architecture, including the hats on the roof. These symbolize the players who have played for the team throughout its history.

It is not the only symbolism, as the venue also commemorates the 1958 Munich air crash when eight Manchester United players died. There are plaques in the stands and monuments on the outside grounds.

Old Trafford can accommodate more than 74,000 spectators, although engineers are planning its expansion. The record fun number was recorded in 1939 when more than 76,000 people attended the match.

Incredible Popularity

We can safely call these guys the most popular in football and the most popular in the online entertainment industry can be considered NettiKasinot. Home matches are always held with packed stands (unless coronavirus or a fine enter the chat). More than 60 countries worldwide have official fan clubs, and the number of branches exceeds 200. In addition, according to figures as of 2018, Manchester had the most fans – 355 million. Barcelona took the second place, and Chelsea followed them.

Golden Trophy Year 1999

In the 1998/1999 season, Manchester United, led by manager Alex Ferguson, amazed the world by winning the UEFA Champions League. In the final at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, the Red Devils defeated Bayern Munich 2-1. The goals for the German team were scored in added time – twice by Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The team won the Premier League that same season, finishing with 79 points and beating Arsenal and Chelsea. “The Red Devils” remained undefeated at home and won the title, finishing the season with the same points as Arsenal but with a better goal difference.

The FA Cup final brought an additional trophy in the Golden Trophy Year. Manchester United defeated Newcastle United 2-0, thanks to goals from Paul Scholes and Teddy Sheringham. Not much later, they won the UEFA Super Cup.

That year was a clear testament to manager Alex Ferguson’s enormous contribution to Manchester United’s history. Under his leadership, the team proved extraordinary, winning all three major trophies in European football and fans of betting and online slots received a good profit and a lot of impressions.


Finally, let us recall the most impressive achievements in numbers. The most significant victory came in 1956 when MU defeated Anderlecht 10-0. But unbeaten streak in the Champions League impresses even more, lasting 25 matches from September 2007 to May 2009. In short, we understand the team’s popularity and recognition worldwide.

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