Avram Glazer speaks out on possible sale of Man United

Avram Glazer was asked directly about possibly selling Man United, with the co-owner speaking out about the situation.

Manchester United Football Club as a whole were buzzing a couple of nights ago, when it was confirmed that the Reds are looking for new investors. Be it a full sale of the club, or some sort of other investment. The Glazers want to take a step back.

After so long, it feels like the fan protests are starting to take an effect. As soon as the Glazers took a financial hit, that always felt like it’d be the beginning of the end. We’re now at that point.

The official statement on the situation was pretty short and sweet. Hence why Sky News have sent reporters over to the US to ask the Glazer family directly.

Well, credit to them, with Sky meeting Avram Glazer in Florida – asking him the questions. The co-owner did respond, though only reiterating what has already been said. I have to admit, it does feel good to see him confirming the news that the club could be up for sale.

Check out the video via Sky News here:

After seventeen long years, United supporters may have finally got their wish. The protests were there back in 2005. They’re still here now in 2022.

Now, this sale (if it’s a permanent one), will not happen overnight. Again, it’ll take time to get everything in place. It’ll be months, maybe even years.

The question then becomes about who will take over? United fans sadly have no say in this matter, so it’s hard to control.

I’d personally like to avoid a Middle Eastern owner who could be involved in some sort of sport washing scandal, because I’d be a hypocrite after slagging off both City and Newcastle in recent years.

The early rumour is that it’ll be another US firm, though the good news this time is they’ll be no leveraged buyout as purchasing sporting assets like that is no longer allowed in the UK.

Do you think Man United will have new owners? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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