Classless Carlos Marrs PL Victory

For City, yesterday was supposed to be the biggest day in their history for the past 44 years of hurt. To a degree it was, but Carlos Tevez summed up their mentality in an instant.

Just five months ago, the little Argentinian claimed to dislike everyone and everything about the City that he paraded through yesterday evening. The sign that read “RIP Fergie” does himself no favors on the hatred he already has from the red half of Manchester, but he also marred his teams Premier League victory.

For a player, who was deemed to be “finished” by a certain Italian manager, after a certain night in Munich back in October. Waltzed off back to his homeland to take an extended break playing golf? Would this happen at United? Never in a million years.

Carlos Tevez isn’t a footballer, he’s a schemer, and a troublemaker, if you think for one second that he cares about anyone but himself, then you’re wrong. Tevez has continued to mock the club all season long, seemingly going unnoticed amongst their fans and manager alike. The refusal to play, the five month unauthorized absence, even the golf swing celebration away at Norwich.

Yes, City won the title this season, and it pains me to say that they deserved it, and perhaps they are here to stay. The financial power they have at their disposal was going to tell sooner or later, and we know their pockets are so deep they can spend and spend, but we have been the only constant in the Premier League era, and yesterdays antics are just going to spur us on even more. We will continue bringing young players up through the ranks, it’s our style, personally for me I love watching these kids grow as players and men alike, long may it continue.

Last night, City officials apologised to the club, and Fergie himself. This says it all really, they knew he was wrong to do what he did, yesterday was supposed to be a party, a celebration ending 44 long years of hurt, and instead, it turned out to show us that they just can’t get us out of their heads, it says a lot about their mentality, but this can only work in our favour, it will drive our manager on, and our youngsters will be even hungrier, roll on August!

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