Does Jesse Lingard deserve another Manchester United chance…?

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Well, this is honestly a sentence I never thought I’d type… We need to talk about Jesse Lingard.

Love him, or hate him, you can never keep a good man down. Jesse Lingard is proving exactly that while on loan at West Ham. The Englishman hit the ground running on debut for David Moye’s side and hasn’t looked back since.

First and foremost, it’s about happiness. Lingard is a lad who just absolutely loves playing football with a smile on his face. I’m pleased to report that happy-go-lucky lad is back – and even though it’s not for the United I love, I’m all for it.

Once a red, always a red. If you can’t watch Lingard flourish elsewhere then perhaps football isn’t for you. The question is, should the Warrington-born-winger get another chance at the Theatre of Dreams?

Here at Old Trafford Faithful, we’d be all for it. Lingard has 3 goals, 2 assists in his last five. He should be given another opportunity, but it certainly comes with a caveat or two…

If all the below boxes are ticked, for both club and player, then why not…?

Lingard has to be content with not starting every game

At West Ham, Lingard is now amongst the first names on the team-sheet. His form deserves that. At Old Trafford, even if he continued with this impeccable form, there’s no guarantee he’d start game-in-game-out.

A large reason as to why Lingard became a squad player was due to Bruno Fernandes. Both play the same position and fulfil very similar roles. The Portuguese playmaker isn’t leaving United anytime soon. Lingard would have to make peace with that.

For some fans, it’s too much water under the bridge

Most supporters are a fickle bunch. A few good games here and opinions will change. Just look at Luke Shaw who was once public enemy number one following some bad performances. Now, he’s everyone’s flavour of the month.

Lingard could turn it around with most fans if he strings some good games together. However, there are a section of Reds who’ve already made their mind up – which is absolutely understandable. Lingard has had ample opportunity and failed to deliver. Before making his mind up, Lingard would absolutely have to accept that some fans cannot be won over.

Do United really want him?

I believe Solskjaer is a massive Lingard fan. No doubt the Baby Faced Assassin is watching this loan move keenly. However, this has to be a match made in heaven from a footballing perspective. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the story. After all, Lingard is a boyhood Reds supporter and that can definitely pull on our heartstrings.

Though it’s easier said than done, United have to determine whether Lingard can have a positive effect on the pitch that we need in order to win titles. If we’re all expecting a title charge in 2021/22, Lingard has to step up to that plate and deliver – if kept around of course…

OTF’s verdict

There are several ifs, buts and maybes. Personally, I’d give Lingard one more season. I’m a sentimental football fan and Lingard is an excellent player if used correctly.

No doubt he’ll get his England call-up this summer and impress at the European Championships, then come back to Old Trafford with a massive decision to make in regards to his future.

Right now, I firmly believe this could go either way. We’d have to accept either decision but if he does come back, I just hope he gets the backing from all of our supporters…

Does Lingard deserve another opportunity at Manchester United? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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