Manchester United – Don’t lose your heads now!

What a game it was today. United struggled for 65 -odd minutes, and even then we never really got going. We did create chances, but ultimately we have to thank our lucky stars to have gotten away from there with a point.


People on Twitter have been slating Louis van Gaal non-stop over the past few weeks. And I cannot say that I agree with them. Not even in the slightest.
The way some people are calling for van Gaal’s sacking makes me feel like we’re struggling in a relegation battle.

Now don’t get me wrong, I agree (and who wouldn’t, really) with the fact that Manchester United are a team that’s supposed to be challenging for the Premier League title every year.
But right now we have to be realistic. Our squad is in transition, and there’s no point denying it. Louis Van Gaal had to take over what was a nervous wreck of a squad from David Moyes. He said he’d need time and (according to his rather impressive CV) he deserves it. And in my opinion, he’s not letting us down.


Realistically, we are a top 4 side, top 3 maybe. That’s a fact, there’s no point denying it. Chelsea have 16 players who will ultimately win them the league, and the balance between them is amazing. Better than any other in the country. As much as this pains me to say, it’s a fact. Jose Mourinho’s team is better than ours this year.
Then we have City, who realistically speaking are above us too, if their key players are fit and around, they are the only ones who could maybe give Chelsea a run for their money in 2015. After that, I think it’s fair to say we have the third best squad in the league. Together with the 50 or more injuries we’ve had thus far, we have enough to challenge for the top 4. Nothing more. We can’t win the Premier League this year, it’s that simple.
In all honesty, we can hope for a Champions League place and maybe a cup run. And you know what, whine and moan all you like, but we’re still very much on course to reach both of those targets.

People like to complain. When the manager tried to bully through the 3-5-2 system they cried out for the 4-4-2 diamond. He’s now switched it around, and people still complain, this time about the personell. Yes of course Rooney is played out of position, and he won’t win us the league from midfield, but to me it seems obvious that in later years he can play in there. He’s got the tools required for that deeper role. But the adaption will need time (and games like today’s)
And in a season where we won’t win the league, why not let him gather experience in that position?! What’s there to lose? You might say we’ve got a Champions League place to lose, but we’re still getting the results. And as long as we’re getting the results, I say keep it going, even if it is rather nerve-wracking at times.
There are a ton of supporters who – according to their Tweets – disagree with me when I say we are getting the results.

But let’s not forget. Since the 3rd of November 2014, which is now more than 3 months away, we’ve merely lost one game. Which – as many people like to ignore – is 2 games less than Chelsea have lost in that period. Unlike last season, we are very tough to beat. For anyone. I’m not saying we are where a Manchester United side should be, but considering the fact that reaching the top 4 is our ambition, our form is spot on.
Of course, we aren’t winning all the time, and there have been some annoying draws along the way, but there’s definitely some progress to be seen.
Many United-fans on Twitter seemed to be especially upset with today’s performance. And I agree. The performance wasn’t good enough. But I thought we played better than against Southampton at Old Trafford. We created plenty of chances, and let’s not forget on another day, with better finishing, both Falcao and van Persie had gotten themselves on the scoresheet and we’d have won quite comfortably.
Every good team has the quality of not losing games even when they aren’t playing as well. Manchester United didn’t play well today. But we did not lose. And as long as that goes on, I’m not worried. The results are here, we’re just waiting for the performances.

After today’s game, people were again calling for LvG’s dismissal, and criticising everything from his notepad to Angel Di Maria’s form, somehow always managing to blame the Dutchman.
This behaviour really pisses me off, excuse my language.
I’m not gonna lie, Di Maria’s form hasn’t been too good over the past 2 months or so, and I’d like to see Ander Herrera get more games because I don’t think he’s ever let us down. And yes, out of our 6 summer signings only Marcos Rojo and Daley Blind have delivered what we could have hoped for. But for most of these players, it’s their first year in England, and they need time to be able deliver performances regularly.
I have no doubts that a player of Angel Di Maria’s quality will eventually be a big hit at Old Trafford.


In the end, I call for all United fans to keep the faith, focus on the positives, for there are a fair few and not to panic. We’re lightyears away from last year, and the players’ form and the performances will no doubt pick up. We’re on course for Champions League football, and are joint-favourites to win the FA Cup. Times aren’t as desperate as many “fans” make them out to be.




On another note, I’d love to know what other people think on the subject – Harry Kane looks a great prospect. Since Rooney looks like he’ll play up front less and less in years to come, and Radamel Falcao’s future at the club still being uncertain, do you think it might be worth trying to sign Kane in the summer?



Feel free to discuss the matter here, feedbacks on Kane and this blog are much appreciated.

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