Ex-Manchester United man explains why Jose Mourinho is still the right man for the job

Manchester United Football Club have suffered a poor start to the Premier League campaign. Jose Mourino’s men deserved to be beaten away at Brighton & Hove Albion for the second season in a row. There is no getting away from that.

Fans on social media have already been calling for the self-proclaimed Special One to lose his job; largely due to his playing style. Supporters tend to be far more tolerable towards that when results (and trophies) are being delivered. Obviously, that’s not the case at the moment.

However, Brian ‘Choccy’ McClair has come out in defence of Mourinho, while claiming that he is still the right man for the job at this current time.

“Whoever is the coach at United is the right person for the job, Jose is doing that the way he wants to. The players have to please the coach and the coach has to please the owners, all are still in their posts and they require our support until that situation changes.” McClair said, speaking exclusively to RedArmyBet.

“Each and every game is important for a variety of reasons, in order to challenge for titles, you need to win at home and take points from one’s title rivals, therefore, of course, it is important to win on Monday evening against Spurs.”

As we all know, football is a funny old game. Things can change in a heartbeat. If we go on a nice winning streak, starting with a victory against Tottenham on Monday night, you bet each and every fickle fan amongst us will have changed their tune. It’s just within our nature.

Although I do think that one more horrendous defeat could be the start of the end for Mourinho, we all have to get 100% behind the manager, particularly while he is in charge. If we start getting on his back already, that’s good for absolutely nobody. All that’ll do is bring even more shoddy football for the campaign’s remainder.

Let’s sing his name loud and proud at the Theatre of Dreams on Monday.

Read the full McClair interview ‘Choccy’s Diary’ at RedArmyBet.

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