Fergie Sets The Record Straight Regarding IPO

The boss, who enters his 26th year as the manager of Manchester United has today stated that he feels ‘insulted’ by claims that he was set to receive a pay-off as a result of the club floating on the New York Stock Exchange. He called a press conference specifically to address the issue.

Sir Alex is clearly unhappy with the stance of some fans on the situation, but I feel the question was put to him fairly, and the fans aren’t in the wrong for doing so. If the club are to move forward and regain our trophy, both the manager and fans need to know where they stand. As, at the end of the day, it is our football club.

He said “Being aware of the media coverage that is currently ongoing I felt, on this occasion, that I should make my position clear to the Manchester United fans.”

He continued “In regards to suggestions that I have praised the Glazer family because I stand to financially benefit from the proposed IPO, there is not a single grain of truth in this allegation. I do not receive any payments, directly or indirectly, from the IPO. Ultimately, I run the football side of this club and in order to do this, you need backing from above.”

Let’s hope that by “backing from above” Sir Alex means that we still have funds to bring in a couple of players before the season begins, I know i’ve said it time and time again, but we still need another left-back.

“The Glazer family have let me get on with my job, there is no interference or obstruction, only support. My decisions and beliefs are not based around what is best for my personal financial gain. That is an accusation that insults me. If that was the case I would have left Old Trafford a long time ago.” He continued  “I am speaking because I do not want a situation to develop whereby the media and other parties create a rift, however small, between myself and Manchester United. I’ve spent 25 years of my life pushing this club forward and not only could I not have done that without those fans, I do it for them.”

At the end of the day, Sir Alex has to come out and say that he didn’t receive any payments, he isn’t exactly going to turn on the Glazer family. The speed at which it has been dealt with though is good, the sooner the fans can put this behind us, the better.


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