Javier Hernandez wanted by Southampton as part of Shaw deal

Southampton are reportedly interested in bringing Manchester United’s want away striker Javier Hernandez to St Mary’s as part of the Luke Shaw deal, according to the Daily Mail. Hernandez, 26, managed just four league goals last season.

The Mexican international is all set for an Old Trafford exit after the World Cup due to a lack of playing time, with both Southampton and Inter Milan amongst the interest parties.

The luxury move would obviously be Inter Milan. Hernandez is guaranteed game time and he’ll be playing in an easier league, at one of Europe’s biggest stadiums. A move to Southampton certainly makes more sense though, with Rickie Lambert departing there is a starting berth available to Chicharito, along with the chance to prove to United that it’d be a mistake letting him go.

‘The Little Pea’ has played his part in Manchester United’s history, having a hand in both the 19th and 20th league titles with his superb ability to poach goals in and around the penalty area. However sadly, the time is right, and it feels like its in the best interests of everyone if Javier Hernandez is moved on now while he still has some sell-on value.

Would you sell Chicharito? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. so if this is the case, southampton are clearly gonna give us shaw for free and 50m for chicharito.
    United should give them welbeck, one the worst forwards in uniteds long and proud history, cant seem to do owt and only still here cause came through the system….time to go, just a poor, poor player.
    United can not affroad to give up such a talented and dangerous hitman such as chicharito, one the deadliest hitmen we have ever had, such a talented little player, quick, goal gifted, great link up play, marvelous passing skills, an eye for a cross…. chicharito has it all and is worth atleast 50m easy

    • No thanks, you can keep Welbeck. J Rod is far better in that position. 27m and Hernandez for Shaw suits me fine.

      • Baz….i get where your coming from feller but be reasonable, we give you rubbish welbeck, get him off our books for good and you can just sell him to leyton orient or some one more fitting of his ability (level 3, 4).

    • I’m sure there must be some Man U fans out there who actually have a grip on reality? Yet to meet one. Southampton hold all the chips in this one so can basically name the price and player.

      • yeah there is….me
        anyone who thinks we need some lb like shaw is way out there in delusional land, there are far better options, at fair value, why get over-rated hype for stupid money.
        ey why get one at all, we have evra and buttner….two are good enough, then there young reece james and blackett.
        all four are more deserving of playing for united then shaw.
        anyone who thinks we should give up chicharito for him are just pure mental.

      • err its called he doesnt get the chances he deserves, chicharito sits on the bench for teachers pets like trash-beck, the worst forward in recent united memory yet one who always seems to play despite never bringing anything to the feidl besides uselessness.
        Any real football fan can see chicharito deserves to start week in week out.
        any real football fan can see chicharito is uniteds second best hitman to rvp (far more lethal then rooney).
        thats ok thou you (lesaint) keep taking it up the arse from welbeck and believe all the pure bs said about that god awful forward

  2. Ha! This Terry guy is fascinating! Hernandez worth £50m??? Luke Shaw overrated??? Have you never seen him play? He’s the best young left back in the world, that’s why United want to make him the most expensive left back in the history of the game. He’s worth it. Massive potential. Already better than Evra, and as for Buttner; United need to get rid of him, he can’t defend!

    You’re too harsh on Wellbeck as well. He’s not great but he does have some good qualities. He’s Premiership quality, but not top 8 quality. United should sell him to someone like Newcastle, and see if they can get £12m-£14m for him. Put the money towards a centre back.

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