Luke Shaw to Manchester United deal 95% done

Luke Shaw was subject to an £27m bid from Manchester United just over a week ago, and since then all has been relatively quiet regarding any potential transfer. However after Louis van Gaal was announced yesterday, transfer dealings seem to have increased.

The Manchester Evening News’ Stuart Mathieson has claimed a deal to bring Luke Shaw to Old Trafford is ‘95% done’, and an announcement should be made before the World Cup.

Shaw is expected to sign a five-year deal, on wages of around £100k-a-week making him the highest paid teenager in Premier League history. This sounds steep right now, but Shaw could easily give us fifteen years of service, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Mathieson also claimed that some exciting Dutch talents could be Manchester-bound, as Louis van Gaal looks to continue the Oranje love-in at the club.

Who’s the better left-back, Luke Shaw or Patrice Evra? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. Luke Shaw definitely I am a Southampton fan and really don’t want him to leave if he leaves we will have no talent and if luke reads this I hope it changes your mind because we really want you to stay.

    • Kieran chill mate no way is luke going anywhere its just tripe from would be reporters with a Man U agenda. Luke will be worth a lot more after the world cup so for 27 m they should look elsewhere..

        • Wait and see Real Madrid and Barcelona will bid for him before the world cup is over. But Saints wont sell, and if they did it would not be to United, why would he join you, yon dont even have a team worth talking about, plus a past his sell by date manager with a bad temper..

          • you obviously dont know any law. He is under contract pure and simple. Even if he asks for a move we dont have to let him go he can cool his heels in the reserves.If the club doesnt want to sell him you can offer what you like, try and tap him up even it wont make any difference. My feeling is Saints management will be out to make a point this summer. They will sell no one just for you people and your so called big clubs to realize how many beans make five.And the same goes for Pochettino.Contracts are there to be honored, period.

          • Law? If Saints want to accept the offer thats on the table (which they will) then thats up to them. He’ll be a United player before the World Cup.

          • I wouldnt stake your mortgage on that if I were you.They have apparently already rejected 27m . We are nowhere near the figure Saints might accept try 40 million.And as for being ManU s before the world cup that is impossible, think before you write garbage LETS SEE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW!!!

          • and there is no way he would refuse to play he is part of a close knit family at Saints, and in any case no professional would stop playing it would dissipate their skills, do you know any thing about sport?? other than watching it from your armchair??

          • David nothing you say makes sense apart from your bitter that Southampton are a selling club . Man Utd will sign Shaw why despite the season we had we are still a big club with huge ambition’s cl football again and challenging for the title while the saints happy for top 10 or a cup run we will see start if season that Shaw is a red

          • And as for 40 mil comment no one in world football would pay that for a 18 lb saints might up a few mil but no more 40 mil lol

          • Saints were a selling club but not any more as I think you will now find out. I predict that it would take 40 m to get Shaw from Saints.

          • I agree the way football is clubs want the best money or gain as much as they can your putting him in same bracket as kroos Reus big already proven players if a neymar type player i would agree i think manutd need him the most hence y so sure he will come maybe he will stay maybe he wont the player has already stated wants things sorted bf world cup i think saints will keep most stars just not all

          • Dream on I know for a fact that Saints wont sell, especially not to Man Utd. Shaw is too big a prospect to be sold for a mere 27 m

          • If he asks for a move and isn’t given he probably won’t play. Then his value will go down, and when it comes to the end of his contract you’ll be crying because he’s leaving for free.
            And yeah contracts are there to be honoured, but not so much in football. Every player sold to another team was in contract with the first. So think first, you’re contract view would mean only youth player get signed and no such things as transfers

        • stay calm did you see the report about Nicola Cortese and his views on the club today. I am one of those who wishes he was still running the club!!

    • look david are you a big saints fan i’ve been to 8 games this season and been excellent do you know a saints player who you could call

  2. For his age, he’s got it all. A much more consistent accurate crosser than Evra, too. He’ll be a superstar. Wouldn’t mind nicking James Ward-Prowse, either!

  3. Great player, but shouldn’t be on 100k. Even Toni Kroos doesn’t get that much!
    Should be around 50k with a clause in his contract bumping it up to 100k eventually after like 3/4+ years.

    And I’d still buy another LB since there aren’t any good young RB atm. Domenici Criscito is a great LB, box to box and all round great player. Maybe we should sign him and have Shaw RB for a few seasons. Don’t know but RB needs to be solved as well – Rafael is poor defensively

  4. you wierdo’s , lukes probably reading your comments thinking WTF! hes coming to UNITED boys, take your nappies off and deal with it. David your talking proper shit pal. and it’s boring to read. southampton or manchester united hmmmmmmmmm i think maybe manchester united

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