Man United fans urge Alexis Sanchez to get one final chance: Twitter Reacts

Manchester United made a monumental mistake in signing Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal around eighteen months ago now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?

At the time, bringing in the superstar Arsenal man looked like a masterstroke. As he played ‘glory glory Man United’ on the piano as Sanchez was unveiled, the excitement began to build.

Things went downhill, quickly. Performances have been poor, injuries aplenty have flowed. For a man who’s taking home £500,000-a-week – it hasn’t been anywhere near good enough.

However, despite almost missing the first Copa America game due to injury, Sanchez has hit the ground running on the international stage. The Chile international has scored two in two while looking a real threat in the process.

Is this his revival? Are United really just ruining every world-class player that moves to Old Trafford? Well, the fans, on the whole, are urging the club to give Sanchez one final opportunity. I guess I’m on their side, too…

There was also the understandable doubters, too:

If say, a Paul Pogba or a Romelu Lukaku leaves, why not promote Sanchez and hand him more minutes? You simply don’t lose that talent overnight. He’s just too good to fade away into the darkness like that.

Understandably, there are supporters who are already claiming that United’s #7 has had ample opportunity and he should be sold as soon as possible.

That’s easier said than done, though. What club in their right mind would want to take his astronomical wages? Brazilian club Palmeiras tried, but failed with an audacious loan bid. Aside from that, it’s all quiet on the selling Sanchez front.

I think he’s here to stay so let’s get behind him and give the 30-year-old one final season to prove his worth. It’s in everyone’s best interest, right?

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