Man Utd fans react to poor Victor Lindelof display vs Crystal Palace (Premier League home, 2020)

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Victor Lindelof failed to impress during the game vs Crystal Palace, with the Ice Man copping plenty of stick from the fans. Most of it deserved, I may add…

Well, we all waited patiently for the season to start, only for Manchester United to let us down with a dross performance.

To a man, the 20-time Premier League champions were second-best. It’s probably harsh on Crystal Palace, who were excellent, to state that the extra game under their belt’s (played last week) definitely made some difference.

Before I absolutely pan Victor Lindelof, I’d like to add that he wasn’t the only one. Sure, he made the glaring errors but nobody on that football field wearing red was anywhere close to being good enough.

Now onto the ‘Ice Man’ who was anything but cool. I struggle to see how this is still his nickname because when the ball is in his area of the field, he panics and flaps in a seriously bad way.

If your centre-back isn’t quick, you expect strength. Lindelof has neither. He’s positionally unaware as he showed us all for the Palace opener, while Wilfried Zaha absolutely bullied him in the physical battle for their third. Simply put, it’s just not good enough.

Today’s performance explains the concerns United have about the Swede, though it doesn’t look like the club are close to signing a new defender anytime soon.

You look at that back line and think it’s one that won’t get anywhere near a Premier League title. Sure, loads of money has been spent on it but today, Lindelof epitomised everything bad about United.

Again, I’ll stress that I don’t like piling the misery on a player but fans are allowed their opinion. They took to Twitter in their droves to share how unimpressed they were at the disasterclass from the Reds star. Maybe it’ll jolt him into action next week…?

Check out the fan reaction to a poor Lindelof display this evening:

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