Transfer Talk: Manchester United are close to signing Mats Hummels

Manchester United feel as though they are close to making their first signing, and its not who you’d expect it to be. The extremely reliable Andy Mitten claims Manchester United feel it won’t be long before Mats Hummels is wearing the famous Red shirt.

Manchester United need that marquee centre-back signing, and Hummels fits the bill perfectly. He’s 25, and played an awful lot of top level football already in his career; He also has two Bundesliga titles to his name. He can pass, tackle and win aerial battles, but most of all he’s a leader.

Ed Woodward needs a big summer, and kicking things off with a stellar name like Hummels would be an excellent start. We’ve often been promised ‘two or three’ signings before the World Cup, and it looks like we’ll bring nobody in before then.

However I fully expect a flurry of signings as soon as the World Cup is over, and hopefully we can bring in some real quality before the season starts in the middle of August.

Would Mats Hummels be a good addition for United? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. i’ll believe it when i see it, woodwords only good at signing sponsors,it’s all a ploy to sell season tickets, it’s always the same, i look forward to being proved wrong.

    • I look forward to fans not being so selfish in the future, some people needs to stop believing everything they read, only because we ain’t doing stuff in public,people like you come out crying yet behind the scenes in the quiet,united will be working on some think. Unlike some selfish united fans,I don’t care what I have to pay as long as I can go watch the team I love week in, week out because that’s what love is all about.

      • Sorry Terry, but love is about paying week in, week out? That sounds awful. We’ve been paying into the club for decades, and that love has been reciprocated. Not under the Glazers however, many won’t pay a cent until they leave.

        • Bang on fella.
          Never trust the incompetent Woodward, or his puppet masters who’ve robbed the clubs pockets for 9 years.

  2. If they want to keep earning money from our club they will have to invest otherwise we will lose out on the champions league again so you should know better Manc my friend, LVG would not have joined us unless he knew he’d be able to build a champions league winning team :)

  3. tired of listening to MU “CLOSE TO SIGNING CLAIM” while other team already busy adding good players into their pockets. Pls sign them already.

    • Nobody has bought anyone yet, unless you want 32 year old Lambert ? The window opens on July 1

      • No team can officially buy anyone until July 1st but deals can be agreed and in place before then.

        I do believe, or rather, I’m hopeful that Ed Woodward will deliver some top-quality signings this summer and capturing Mats Hummels would make a major statement. He’s vastly experienced for his age, strong, brave and a born winner/leader, a Vidic 2.0

        • Ian I do hope so too. But I personally do not believe in the Man. He stutters and fumbles but nothing concrete comes out of it. But I do hope He comes through and proves me wrong!!!

  4. i think ed will bring in big names, who we don’t know but its true to say he has to have a big transfer this year

  5. He would definitely be a good signing as he is one of the best defenders in the world. However, all this gossip is becoming boring. Do people really sit and listen to rumours the whole day? Please report facts if and when it happens. Leave the rumours alone for now.

    • lol there is nothing to listen to actually that’s why half these rumors exist in the 1st place, clubs are getting better at keeping things quiet and feeding nonsense to the papers,to either throw teams off or keep the public happy as there is no football at the moment to entertain them.

  6. Woodword and Moyes teamed up to make United a joke last season!! Someone should state that Woodword’s job depends on him bringing in at least 1 marquee signing before the world cup. If he’s supposedly good let him prove it!! We as fans always get let down by his promises. Look at last year we ended up with overpriced Fellani!!!

    • Not that I think Moyes was the right man, but he’s carried an awful lot of the can for Woodward and given him a second life. I’ve no confidence he’ll deliver with it though.

  7. Woodward has proven and still enjoying proving that he is the weekest link. Get rid of him and Man U’s Fortunes will turn for the better!!!

  8. The day Hummel will be unveil at Old Tralford as a Man United player, that’s the day that I, Salia Man Utd Sonie will believe that he’s our player for sure. I don’t want to get frustrated again this summer transfer window.

    • He won’t join us Salia, I’m not so sure, his father already said he is happy at Dortmund and Klopp won’t lose both his best center back and best forward in the same window. Each paper keep regurgitating the same stuff, so we keep thinking that if most papers are saying it ..then it must be true. But it isn’t I really wouldn’t get my hopes up. I believe we will make some great signings that will be either brilliant this season or the next, Van Gaal knows what he is doing, with the players he has asked for. I have a feeling though the players that are being linked with us are wayyyyyy off the mark and wouldn’t be surprised if Van Gaal never thought about them, yet we are closing in on them. Stop getting a sore head we will get it right.

  9. Last summer started on a familiar note. Man United not acting swift enough in the transfer window. I still recall many United supporters crying out for patience and were confident that Moyes and Woodward will eventually deliver. However, sadly that did not happen and we ended up signing one player (Fellaini) for £27.5 million, when Woodward could have got him for £23 million. Then we all know what happened next. My point is: after last summers comical transfer window i believed United would make quick strides this summer, basically a big statement. i am not suggesting we should have signed all our targets by June 5, because those players may not be available. However a signing on the same lines of Diego Costa. I am surprised that United had nothing waiting in the offing especially after Mr Woodward said: we are hopeful of concluding one maybe two deals before the world cup. I hope Mr LVG surprises everyone with a few class signings after the world cup but until then these are nervous times, and i understand United fans voicing their concern!

  10. I am sure a surprise signing on the lines of, Draxler or Koke would have settled the nerves of Man United supporters – but as yet the Luke Shaw deal is still rumbling and is threatening to turn into a summer transfer saga!

  11. Woodward needs to go END of! appointing him Chief Exec after Gill left was an abohorrent decision. A PLC and club of Ut’d magnitude needed to replace gill with someone of more experience and standing within football, ESPECIALLY considering Fergi was leaving the at the same time. Gill knew fergie was leaving end of 2013, before they were close to appointing a new chief exec.

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