Manchester United have almost sealed Luke Shaw deal

Manchester United are convinced that they’ve all but sealed a deal for talented Southampton left-back Luke Shaw. According to The Guardian’s Jamie Jackson, the deal is almost completed and Luke Shaw, 18, will complete the £30m move to United imminently. He’ll be on wages of around £100k a week.

It is believed that David Moyes laid the groundwork for the deal to be finalised before he was sacked, and the player himself prefers a move to United over one to his boyhood club Chelsea because he thinks he’ll get more playing time at United.

Chelsea were heavy favourites to land the England starlet, but weren’t willing to pay Shaw the £100k a week that United were prepared to offer to land their man. Financial Fair Play is believed to have played its part, as Chelsea want to concentrate on bringing in a world class striker as a priority.

Shaw has the potential to be Manchester United’s first choice left-back for the next fifteen years, and although £30m sounds like a lot to cough up for a teenager, that’ll seem like pittance if he develops like many believe he can.

Its great to see that United are clearly trying to get their business done as early as possible, and if we can finalise this deal before the World Cup starts that should ward off any other interest parties.

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  1. Really? Because if this is true, that’s illegal tap up of a player. Sure Utd would be sounding off like that if true? Of course not – just more BS from people who know feck all

      • they have to give their permission thats why. The truth is United are a club on the slide massively in debt , which costs them 70 million a year before they have bought a single player, have lost all of their champions league revenue thats another 50 million at least and their tv rights money has been slashed for finishing 7th. Where are they going to get the reported 200 million from to invest, FFP rules state they can only spend 45 million euros more than they earn. Do the frigging maths.They cant do it.No amount of lazy uninformed reporting, so called, from inexperienced kid reporters is going to change the situation, they do it mainly to annoy opposing supporters, in this case Saints fans. It is no surprise that it is Southampton getting the brunt of all this negative reporting because the growth of the club has put the fear of god into the so called bigger clubs, who currently have no answer to the groundswell of talent coming out of the Saints academy, and so all they can do is produce tripe to try and destabilize the club and its players by either claiming that Saints cannot spend, which is not true, because they virtually have no debt, or by pretending that their own clubs have the where with all to buy Saints best players.Which they dont.

        • How can Utd be on the slide when they make millions from the sponsers and all their commercial projects. You need to check your info. The Glazers have been putting Utd money into their own pockets, that is where the money will come from. Utd are not a football club but a corporation now, nothing you say can change that, it’s just the way football has gone. The FFP actually affects City and Chelsea as they are not big clubs and have what I call sugar daddies. Arsenal United and Spurs will benefit the most from FFP. Saints can’t hold on to their quality players because of money. Payers want to make as much money as possible and I don’t blame them as football has gone mad with the stupid wages. Their is also the Champions League. Saints will never play in this league so it’s best for them to sell some of their players for a massive profit. Players want to play at the highest level. You are just picking numbers out of thin air. You don’t work for United so you don’t know the state of their finances, unless of course they let you see their books. I think that is one of your dreams. United have the debt under control and it’s going down. One season out of the Champions League is actually good for them. When they get back in next season they will make even more money if the PR is handled right. They will have the right manager in place, buy world class players, sell the dead wood like Fletcher and Cleverly. The future is very bright for United right now if dealt with correctly. This is the rise of United not the slide.

          • Man Utds books are there for anyone to see on the internet I am only quoting actually figure.s. The Utd problem is two fold they dont have a pot to pee in, because of their huge debt and their crazy contracts, plus the Glazers see the club as a cash cow they dont want to put anything in just take out. At best, you are looking at massively increasing the club s debt with no guarantee that it will work, football transfers are a risky business. And if they dont you will be in an even worse position than you are now. United s interest in Van Gaal is pure madness he will cost you millions for no useful return. In fact I doubt that the club can satisfy his demands and the deal has already stalled a a result. You would be better off appointing a Utd man Giggs is your answer he knows the club , knows what is available in junior ranks I think its incredible that the Glazers are looking elsewhere, but then they are not football men, and are only concerned with protecting their cash cow. They wont do it, I predict a season of sheer upheaval for United if they make the wrong moves, which they undoubtedly will thanks to the Glazers it is so bad that if Saints wanted Reus as well as your club he would choose Saints because of the potential there.Welcome to the Southampton way.Players want to win things and Saints are better placed than your club to do so in the coming years.Its that simple, who have you got, Adnan and maybe Wilson if he gets a chance end of.

  2. there is no way Man Utd are getting back to the Champions league until they start producing their own players.They are not going to do it on the basis of recruiting one or two top players not going to happen plus would they want to join you anyway. Id sooner play for Southampton where there is real young talent coming through.Players want silverware, and Saints prospects of getting some are ten times greater than Manchester Utd. Your are staring relegation and melt down in the face. if you spend the Glazers will add to the debt and you will fall foul of the FFP rules end of.

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