Manchester United refusing to pay £40million for Luke Shaw

Manchester United are still keen on bringing Luke Shaw through the Old Trafford doors this summer, but the Manchester a Evening News are claiming that United are refusing to pay over the odds for the young left-back from Southampton.

It was widely reported that United made a £28million bid for Shaw on the final day of last season, but fresh reports suggest Southampton have demanded a huge £40million fee for the 18-year old.

United are willing to lodge a maximum bid of £34million to land Shaw, but the £40million being quoted by Southampton is utterly ridiculous.

Personally I feel that £34million is way too much already, for someone who could yet turn into a flop as he is still unproven at the highest level. With other, cheaper alternatives available, Manchester United must be seriously considering their options before upping their bid for Shaw.

what is a suitable fee for Luke Shaw? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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    • I agree. Shaw is young and may not develop. There are better options. My view is that £30 for an 18 year old full back was too much. We should walk away.

  1. we shouldn’t pay that amount and rightly so. 18 year old who hasn’t done much and already £40m no way. £20m max no more.

  2. go Dutch Daley Blind much much cheaper and more experence than Shaw 40 million drop dead Southampton .. if shaw really wants to move he will ask for contract release

  3. The only reason we are looking to spend so much money is because he is british and we have always made a statement and bought the most highly sought out young british players. But this inflated fee is just ludicrous. £30mill is the very very top we should be willing to pay, its terrible PR for our club that we are being said to bid more and will impact our future trandfer fees for better players.
    We’re much better off passing on Shaw and buying Blind, and putting in a £40-50m bid for Ross Barkley next season. He plays in a position that warrants higher fees and will arguably best the best British talent over the next 5-10 years.

  4. At the start of last season he was being touted for £10m. Now £40m. What has he done to add£30m to his value?

    There are other young potential LBs in the world worth half or less than what Southampton want. Blind, the Swiss lb Rodriguez and Spanish lb Moreno. App faffing about with Shaw, move into other targets.

  5. If you want to buy a player, then the price is set by the selling club. Saints don’t need to sell or want to sell. So if you want him, you pay the price being asked or go elsewhere. Or develop your own players.

    • There is nothing wrong with clubs negotiating over a price, that’s how transfers happen. You saying Southampton doesn’t want or need to sell is as far from the truth as possible. Small clubs are always in need of money, they will just try and hold out for the best possible deal. Most likely before the window closes they will sell the player, whether to United or another club. Southampton needs this deal, they need this money, else they wouldn’t have even entertained any negotiations from the word go.

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