Manchester United want Mats Hummels, player keen on move

Mats Hummels was one of the stars of the World Cup, and according to Jamie Jackson, both Manchester United and player want the move. Whilst speaking to talkSPORT, Jackson suggested that the move could well happen, but would Dortmund let their best player go?

Jamie Jackson said:

“The big problem is not having any European football,” he said. “Mats Hummels, they would love him. As I understand it, Mats Hummels would like to go to Manchester United if the right deal came about and Dortmund said, ‘yes, OK, you can go’. But would they do that?”

Manchester United need a world class centre-back, and Mats Hummels certainly fits the bill. He’s up there with the likes of Vincent Kompany and Thiago Silva in terms of ability to defend, and arguably better than the aforementioned duo in the distribution of the ball. The only thing that lets him down on occasion is his lack of pace, but his reading of the game is second to none.

Jackson is usually quite reliable when it comes to Manchester United transfers, and it seems that the only potential stumbling block could be Dortmund’s unwillingness to sell. United and Woodward have just over a month to try and sort a deal out for one of the best centre-backs in the world. Make it happen, Ed.

Where do you rank Hummels in terms of centre-backs in world football? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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      • I think you’ll find you can johnnie, all he is doing is abbreviating the teams name, its written like that on many things I’ve seen including news papers. Just because something has more than one meaning does not mean you can’t use the word incase someone thinks its different. This is all about football so its only ever gonna be about the team, stop trying to be clever johnnie.

        • Jaimie you need to go and do research first…..MANU is an OFFENSIVE term for all true United fans…….there is a reason for it and it has to do with football… plz don’t use that word…….

          • No alekc not at all just because it features in a song does not allow it to become offensive. If you allow it too offend you as a fan, then you are just silly, as manu fans, were calling the club manu even before the disaster, so as being a proud supporter for decades, i will use manu like fans have through out alot of the clubs history. How about you don’t follow some ‘man utd’ fans and be part of the herd, and think for yourself and realise it is in no way offensive to true fans who understand this great clubs history. I have toured the stadium many times enjoyed it countless times, and have seen manu written on newspaper heading and cuttings in the museum, so your telling me if it is offensive then the actual club would display it. Now can we please stop being children and look forward to a new manu era under van gaal

  1. Hummels is the best centre back around would definitely break bank to get him, would try and use Kagawa as part of deal

  2. No I don’t agree with you about swapping kagawa for hummels rac because we also need depth in our squad so why go and get rid of the second best cam we got… If anyone needs to leave it’s Wayne Rooney… Now I know a lot of you will bitch and moan but he is holding us back… Kagawa was a fantastic prospect at Dortmund and because of rooneys reluctance to play where we bought him to as striker juan mata is going to be effected as well… Rooney wanted big spending at Manchester United and when we got van persie(ok 20 mil isn’t big spending but a world apart in class from Rooney) Rooney felt threatened and wanted to quit the club again until we pay him 300,000 a week… He doesn’t play unless he is in the mood and his showing for us is just dreadful… Obviously I’m not saying swap Rooney for hummels although I would, what I’m saying is is people all over keep wanting to get rid of our best players when there are others who aren’t apart of are cause Rooney being the main one… If he was then why would sir Alex want rid at the end of 2012-2013 season, why would Paul scholes himself question rooneys ability and more on that who does Rooney think he is having a go at a true legend like scholes… Cleverley,nani,young,bebe,Anderson,smalling,fellaini all need to go and the biggest on that list is Rooney, but don’t worry cause if he does we could easily move things around and play a 4-5-1 or the more free attacking style can gaal likes in 4-3-3 but at the moment that won’t happen cause Rooney wants the spotlight all to himself… Cavani could be a serious but for us so here’s to hope….

    • If a player gets my team a goal or assist ratio of 1 in every game like Rooney did last season, i have no reason for wanting him sold. As he is still performing well and in a terrible season for us and a tough league like the prem. but too many people try to single Rooney out, cause he rose so high, he has to be shot down by people, that’s just how people work.

  3. We could give Kagawa but only if Reus and Hummels are on the deal. We could pay I don’t know like 40m pounds and Kagawa for both of them

  4. no don’t get rid of kagawa get rid of that waste of space failine or as some say fellaine.a few million and him plus maybe Anderson and we would have one of the best defenders in the world a perfict replacement for vidic

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