Moyes: Even Sir Alex would struggle

Manchester United manager David Moyes has made an incredible move that could deflate the squads confidence even further, by amazingly claiming that even the former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, would struggle with this current squad.

In a string of back page articles, covered by The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Express, The Telegraph and more, David Moyes had this to say:

“If Sir Alex was here this year it would be difficult for him as well, and he would be aware of that.

People are aware that there was a squad that was ageing, so it would be a tough season for whoever was in charge this season.

There’s been a change from a great manager, not just a great one but one who was here for 26 years. To make that change was always going to be difficult.

The supporters inside Old Trafford have been fantastic and very positive.

I’ve heard about the plane, but I’ve sensed a strong level of support in the stadium. The majority of Manchester United fans are aware of the situation and obviously we want to play better, we want to get better results. The best people to judge are the people who appointed me.

They are incredibly knowledgeable. In fact, the most knowledgeable is the one who gave me that job.

I struggle to imagine that someone as experienced as David Moyes is so naive to think that comments like these to the written press won’t be headline news.

Let’s not forget, Sir Alex was in charge of this same group of ageing players last year, and he guided them to storming to the league title by 11 points. Not to mention the fact he did that without the additions of 19 year old Adnan Januzaj, 25 year old Juan Mata, and 26 year old Marouane Fellaini.

However, Moyes’ bizarre comments seem to become less and less strange as the weeks pass. In recent weeks, we’ve had to listen to how we were second favourites to bitter enemies Liverpool, whilst we should also aspire to be like Manchester City. This after a season of being told how he ‘hopes’ things will change and will ‘try’ to make things better.

Assuming that the players read newspapers and news articles, these latest comments will surely not inspire them to work harder for Mr Moyes.

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  1. The differences between u n sir alex is he wont pay £27m for this clown like u. SAF would have bought star player….such as ronaldo,bale n many other players. He has that influnce. With these players united wont be at this position. The only biggest mistake SAF did was…. David moyes as a replacement. Players has faith on SAF but not u….

  2. How does he come up with bullshit like this so consistently is alarming! …. in the space of less than a week he has insulted both Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson! I just want to know when the board decides this clown has done enough damage …

  3. “Foolish” man like you “idiot”, “stupid” you are not even ashamed of yourself for such comment was this not the same squared Fergie use to win the league?? but you are even struggling to finished the top four with the same squared.The only mistake Fergie did is appointing a foolish man like you to replace him.

  4. Moyes out, Fellaini out, Young out for starters. has Young managed to find a target with a cross even once this season? How does he keep getting games ahead of Januzaj et al? Januzaj actually looks up before crossing the ball which oddly results in much better crosses e.g. pinging one in for Chico at the weekend

  5. you know i gave moyes my support but the tactics ,team selections,substitution changes,results and comments after a loss changed my mind about him, ageing team? we got 6 players age 30 and up(is that our whole team) and chelsea signed etto age 30 and lampard,terry over 30,jose and pellegrini also in transition period but didnt get the champs,the players dont perform?who’s job is to make sure they do? he is becoming the biggest joke in football,with that comment he basicly compared SAF with him,is he all there?Honestly he thought he got the champions the job wont be that tuff no need for SAF staff or to make sure there was signings before season kickoff ,i got the champs,he is clueless how tuff it is to be on top and to stay there ask chelsea,city with all that money,its not easy at all,but that is how other managers thats never been there before sees it,just money big names, its as easy as that,they think.He already divided the fans,some players unhappy,no fear for old trafford and an insecurity amongst the board and entire MAN UTD legacy is at risk.. he is a defensive game player as where ball possession and attacking is modern football SAF had to adapt ever so well but moyes still got old textbook.He should go,unless he performs a miracle in the champsleague to win it but the clueless one he will be until a miracle.

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