Paul Pogba calls out ‘big lies’ from media

pogba hates deeper role at man united

Paul Pogba has decided to pull the media on their ‘big lies’…

Manchester United Football Club have a managerial quandry. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s time definitely feels like it’s almost up. The Baby Faced Assassin is hanging over the edge and one more bad result could seal his fate.

The media isn’t helping Solskjaer’s case. There are talks of a divided dressing room, while Eric Bailly apparently publicly called out his manager, too.

Well, I get the impression that the dressing room is actually doing their utmost to stick together. At least from Paul Pogba’s perspective, anyway…

Yes, the United star has taken to Twitter to call out the media for their ‘big lies’, as his manager’s future remains up in the air.

Check out Paul Pogba’s tweet on the matter here:

This is what us fans love to see. We have to be happy that Pogba is starting to call out the papers when they’re blatantly lying for clicks.

However, I cannot help but feel that Pogba is being a tad hypocritical. For the last few years, the Frenchman has allowed his agent and family members to constantly flirt with other clubs on his behalf. Now he finally decides to grow a spine and start calling people out? Yeah, it’s a bit annoying.

This just leaves me to assume that what they’ve been saying is absolutely true. Pogba is looking to find a new club. He’s looking to leave with United. Otherwise, surely, he’d have called them out on it, too.

I can’t get away from Pogba the player. He’s an immense talent, that’ll never change. Sometimes, though, I firmly believe he’s too big of a distraction for us to carry around right now. Although it’d suck losing him for free in the summer, maybe it’s for the best?

Is Paul Pogba going to stay at Man United this summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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