Paul Scholes explains why Paul Pogba is frustrating him at Man United

Manchester United Football Club have had a hit and miss start to the season. Things got off to a flyer with a victory at home to Leicester City, while we have looked pretty decent in Europe.

However, our league form has been average – particularly at home. We’re already way off the pace as the alarm bells are being rung. Perhaps one key factor as to why is that Jose Mourinho has seemingly lost some sections of the dressing room.

One player at the forefront of that is Paul Pogba. The midfielder has summed United up perfectly this term, as he has been as inconsistent as they come. We’ve seen some stunning moments from him, followed by a stupid error or a bad mistake.

Now, Paul Scholes has tried to explain why. The Ginger Prince puts it down to a lack of experience around him. At Juventus, he was probably the third-most important player in that midfield, while at United, he is the key component.

“He does some of the best things in games, a great pass or dribble, a great touch or dribble,” Scholes told an exclusive interview with ESPN.

“Then, five minutes later, he’ll do one of the worst things like his brain has switched off like it’s all about him because he’s just shown everyone how good he is.

“That becomes easy to play against because you know that cockiness will come. Against Wolves, he showed a great touch to Fred but then the next minute he’d given the ball away in midfield, which led to a goal. That sums him up.”

“We never saw that at Juventus, but [Pogba] was a smaller fish there,”

“Look around that team, with [Gianluigi] Buffon, [Andrea] Pirlo, [Leonardo] Bonucci, [Giorgio] Chiellini, [Claudio] Marchisio: great experienced players.

“I loved that team, especially Pirlo and the way he was so relaxed as he controlled the game.

“Pogba was part of a great team but he’s come to United where he’s got nobody to control him like he had at Juventus.”

Scholes makes a great point. All the attention, at that time, was on Pirlo. It allowed Pogba to play his natural game without the pressure. United is the biggest club on the planet, the pressure will always be on.

It’s frustrating because we know how immensely gifted Pogba is. We’ve seen it in spurts, he has the potential to be the best midfielder on the planet, I don’t even think that can be argued.

The best way to prove everyone wrong is to go out there and do it on the pitch. Let your feet do the talking, rather than taking to Instagram, or bad-mouthing your manager in a press conference, show the world just how good you are with the ball at your feet.

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